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All About Orbs™

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Tarotcom Staff
Orbs and How To Use Them

What's an Orb?

When you hear "Orb" you might think of a celestial body like the Sun or Moon, or perhaps a white light that magically presents itself in photographs.  Well, for an Orb is one powerful and shiny ball of goodness!  Orbs are fun, valuable balls of light that help light your way to achieving and unlocking cool things on the site.  

How do I get Orbs and What can I do with them?

You start by collecting Orbs for doing good things. They are saved in your own personal Lantern. As your Lantern fills with glowing orbs, you'll unlock special surprises.   You also can use your Orbs to customize your own personal Zodiac Character in our "Changing Room"

There are two ways to earn Orbs (many more are coming, so keep checking back for more ways to get them):

1) Any time you share something on the site using the share button you'll receive your Orbs award notification.
share orbs!

2) "Like" or "Follow" us on any one of our social sites and get Orbs.
Follow Us!  

How can I see how many Orbs I have collected?

Orbs are small but mighty. As you attract more of them, your lantern will shine brighter.  You can see how many Orbs you have earned by clicking the Lantern icon in the utility navigation along the top of the site.  You will also see your Orb's balance in the Changing Room.  Take a look now!

Start sharing and earning Orbs now:

- Read your horoscope … and share

- Check out these great articles … and share

- Explore Zodiac Central … and share

Check out the Changing Room

Access your personal changing room by visiting the "Today" section of  Then  click on the shirt icon located in the left corner below your Sun Sign Character. Within the changing room, you can:

See your Orbs total -- showing how much currency you have available to spend in the marketplace.

Browse the Marketplace -- to select custom accessories available for your Sun Sign Character.  

View Your Closet -- and see all of the accessories you have purchased for your Sun Sign Character.

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