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You are much more than your Sun sign. The astrological Moon represents your true inner nature -- what's hidden below the surface. This detailed lunar natal report illuminates the Moon's specific influence in your personal birth chart, revealing your needs, emotions, style of relating and much more. Use this lunar insight to create better relationships, access natural gifts and activate innate sources of power.

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About This Product

In Astrology, the Moon rules emotions and represents your inner nature. This personalized report takes an in-depth and detailed look at the Moon in your birth chart, addressing and providing in-depth answers to vital questions such as: How do you give and receive love? What are your natural defense mechanisms? What are you looking for in relationships? What do you need to feel supported?

Here's some of what your report covers:

  • The Moon's Sign gives insight into your natural gifts, your feeling nature, the ways you instinctively seek security and more.
  • Relationships and the Art of Loving illuminates how you were nurtured as a child, and how you open to loving and intimate relationships as an adult.
  • The Dark Side of the Moon reveals potential emotional pitfalls for your unique Moon influences and how to regain balance.
  • The Goddess Within identifies the goddess associated with your Moon sign and how to tap into your own divine essence.
  • The Moon's House brings to light the places and people that will have the greatest influence on your emotional wellbeing.
  • The Moon's Aspects offer additional information about how to manifest your natural power in positive ways.

Additionally, this report provides practical suggestions for taking steps toward greater self-knowledge and self-nurturing. Discover your inner nature and start on the path towards greater happiness and fulfillment!

Written by astrologer Rhea Wolf, who has a background in the creative and performing arts and has trained extensively as a witch and priestess. Through her individual Astrology readings, writing and workshop offerings, Rhea helps people find their voices by reconnecting them with the stories that live within. Find out more at

Rhea Wolf

Rhea Wolf is the author of our Personal Moon Astrology report. Along with her background in the creative and performing arts, Rhea's extensive training as a witch and priestess help her access collective pools of wisdom that stretch beyond specific traditions, channeling the voices of unseen allies and deities into her writing, performance and ritual. Rhea has been diving into Astrology since she was a kid, and started giving readings "for real" after her Saturn Return. Her poetry and articles have appeared regularly in numerous Pacific Northwest publications. She facilitates workshops in creative writing, theater, ritual and grief work from her home base in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband and daughter. Through her individual Astrology readings, extensive writing, and workshop offerings, Rhea offers encouragement to help people find their voices by reconnecting them with the stories that live within. Rhea dreams of a planet that is honored and well cared for, of people unafraid of the dark, and communities that believe in magic again. See more at