Get the insight you need for 2017 HERE! Get the insight you need for 2017 HERE! Get the insight you need for 2017 HERE!

Get the insight you need for 2017 HERE!

This one-of-a-kind report is full of practical advice on how to use the principles of Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of placement) to draw health, wealth, love and happiness into your life. Based on your individual astrology birth chart, it includes over 40 pages of personalized recommendations for empowering every part of your home or office through the strategic use of colors, symbols and furnishings. This amazing report will enable you to put the magic of Feng Shui into practice within a matter of minutes!

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About This Product

Defined as the ancient Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui (pronounced "fung schway") is a powerful means to build the life you've always wanted. Feng Shui practitioners believe that a person's living and working environments reflect their personal strengths and challenges. By making these environments as inviting, stimulating, and comfortable as possible, a client can attract romance, generate wealth, land a dream job - or do all three! The possibilities are endless with the power of Feng Shui.

This 40-page report integrates the wisdom of Feng Shui with the personalization of Astrology to provide you with individualized recommendations for arranging and decorating your home or office. Ten distinct areas of life - including career, family life, wealth, fame and relationships - are addressed. You'll learn how color, symbols, furnishings and the location of objects can impact the flow of energy, and how to use these ancient principles to enhance your life.

Chapters Include:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Feng Shui
  • Chapter 2: Enhance Your Career
  • Chapter 3: Expand Your Wisdom
  • Chapter 4: Support Family Life
  • Chapter 5: Facilitate Self-empowerment
  • Chapter 6: Activate Wealth
  • Chapter 7: Promote Fame
  • Chapter 8: Improve Your Relationships
  • Chapter 9: Nurture Your Creativity and Children
  • Chapter 10: Expand Your Helpful People
  • Chapter 11: Support and Enhance Health

Your Feng Shui Astrology report is created specifically for you around your birth chart and references your Sun sign, Venus sign, etc. This means that the Feng Shui attributes positively affecting you—such as, which catalysts inspire wealth, romance and health—may not work for someone else in the same way.

The use of your birth chart, therefore, accounts for any discrepancies that may exist between conventional Feng Shui books and's report. By taking into account your planetary signs and positions when offering Feng Shui cures, our report gives you more in-depth and personally relevant information than anything published in the book market.

Stephanie Dempsey

Stephanie Dempsey is an accomplished author, Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer who believes that a person can realize their dreams by shaping their environment. "Feng Shui enables people to craft their future by placing physical representations of their desires throughout their living and work spaces," she explains. "A person's natal horoscope indicates what they need to thrive. Pairing Feng Shui and Astrology helps people create an auspicious environment that is further empowered by symbols, colors and furnishings that reflect their individual needs."

Turning fantasy into reality through Feng Shui is a cornerstone of Stephanie's work. "Feng Shui is powerful because it is tangible," she asserts. "By surrounding yourself with symbols of your heart's desire, you can actually live the life you've always dreamed."

Stephanie authored a weekly home design column for that combined the precepts of Astrology and Feng Shui. She has also contributed to such New Age titles as Your Birthday Sign Through Time: A Chronicle of the Forces That Shape Your Destiny and the upcoming Love Signs and You: The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships. Stephanie holds a degree in Feng Shui from the Mountain Institute of Tribeca in New York City.