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1-Year Numerology Forecast

What's in your future? This 1-Year Numerology Report helps you take advantage of favorable influences and avoid forces that work against you over the next 12 months. Your long-term cycles, yearly cycles, and monthly cycles are described in-detail, with specific and practical advice.

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About This Product

Your personal 1-year forecast creates numerology predictions based on your given name at birth, the name you currently use and your birth date.

Learn about the cycle you're in this year, the challenges you may face and the best ways to address them. Looking at the Pinnacles of your life, or the cycles over the course of your life, you can see the lessons you will be working on and learn advice for each cycle.

Your Essence Number and Personal Year Number indicate the forces that will be active during the course of the year. The Personal Year runs from January to January while the Essence Number is most strongly felt from birthday to birthday.

This report identifies both monthly and daily projections for the full year ahead.

Hans Decoz

Beginning his study of Numerology in 1969, Hans opened his professional Numerology practice in 1982. His keen interest in computer science led him to develop a computer-based divination system to assist his client work. In 1985, he produced the first Numerology chart-maker program, called the DecozChart. This unique Numerology program produces a complete Numerology chart that captures the many cycles and changes each person goes through in any 50-year period. The DecozChart is responsible for the high degree of accuracy in the Numerology reports on

Hansis the co-author of Numerology: The Key to Your Inner Self, and a line of Numerology products available on offering Numerology reports like personality profiles and future forecasts. Born on May 15, 1949 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Hans currently resides in Arizona. He offers Numerology lectures, courses and personal consultations to people around the globe.