Get the insight you need for 2017 HERE! Get the insight you need for 2017 HERE! Get the insight you need for 2017 HERE!

Get the insight you need for 2017 HERE!

Numerology Talents Profile

This unique profile analyzes your personal Numerology -- and the placement of numbers in your chart -- to uncover your specific strengths and unique talents. By cataloging your personality traits, relationship tendencies and best bets for success, your talent tables help you find your footing on your career path. Find out what vocations you're best suited for, and use numerology to boost satisfaction in all areas of your life.

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About This Product

The Numerology Talents Profile is a visual aid that illustrates your unique abilities and how they translate to career bliss. By examining your inner nature and the impression your numbers send out into the universe, this report reveals how certain influences add up to a specific calling.

Whether you're feeling dissatisfied in your job or simply looking to reexamine the choices you've made in your professional life, this engaging report delivers cutting insight into the areas of your personality that can push you to success -- and potential pitfalls in how you interact with the world. Broken down into seven detailed chapters, the Numerology Talents Profile weaves together a variety of factors that affect the kind of job you do, the kind of worker you are and the kind of aspirations you ultimately fulfill.

Self-knowledge is power, and this report is the key to igniting your professional motivation. Fire ahead in the workplace, or take a step back and find out where to focus your energy to create the most fulfilling resume possible.

The Numerology Talents Profile includes the following in-depth chapters … and more:

  • Your Personal Numerology Talents Chart: A visual overview of your unique Numerology chart, including the ratio of each talent in your profile.
  • Your Individual Traits: How prominently certain personality traits -- like courage, humanity, optimism, creativity and more -- interact.
  • Your Relationship Traits: How your numbers influence and underscore the way you interact with others in your personal and professional lives.
  • Your Success Traits: How you tackle obstacles standing between you and your ultimate life goals.
  • Career Paths: How all your unique numbers add up to a specific field, and where you'll find the most happiness in the professional world!

Hans Decoz

Beginning his study of Numerology in 1969, Hans opened his professional Numerology practice in 1982. His keen interest in computer science led him to develop a computer-based divination system to assist his client work. In 1985, he produced the first Numerology chart-maker program, called the DecozChart. This unique Numerology program produces a complete Numerology chart that captures the many cycles and changes each person goes through in any 50-year period. The DecozChart is responsible for the high degree of accuracy in the Numerology reports on

Hansis the co-author of Numerology: The Key to Your Inner Self, and a line of Numerology products available on offering Numerology reports like personality profiles and future forecasts. Born on May 15, 1949 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Hans currently resides in Arizona. He offers Numerology lectures, courses and personal consultations to people around the globe.