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The Underground Streams: Esoteric Tarot Revealed

Christine Payne-Towler Library Contents

Christine Payne-Towler's Tarot Book

Welcome to the Christine Payne-Towler Tarot Library. Included here are excerpts from her book, The Underground Streams: Esoteric Tarot Revealed. Upon viewing the essays, you'll have the option of opening up a print-friendly PDF version.

Tarot history

History of Tarot - An approach to tarot history.

Esoteric Orignins of Tarot - Dr. Lewis Keizer's essay on the history of Tarot.

Criteria for Esoteric Tarot - A discussion of what attributes constitute the esoteric tarot.

Tarot influences

The Gnostic Tarot - Gnostic significance of the tarot as a Judeo-Christian tradition.

Kabbalah - Influence of the Kabbalah on Tarot.

Confluence - The confluence of the three great systems.

Tarot theory

Continental Tarots - "What Happened" to the Major Arcana in the late 1600's.

Spanish School - A look at the influential Spanish tarot tradition.

The English School - Short history of the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn.

Major Arcana - General discussion of the Tarot and its traditions.

Minor Arcana - In-depth discussion of the Minor Arcana and its origins.

The cards

Major Arcana Cards - A card-by-card look at the Major Arcana.

Coins - A card-by-card look at the suit of Coins.

Cups - A card-by-card look at the suit of Cups.

Swords  - A card-by-card look at the suit of Swords.

Wands - A card-by-card look at the suit of Wands.

About the author

Christine Payne-Towler


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