New Moon Solar Eclipse: It All Starts Now...

This powerful event is the beginning of a potential game changer for your mental well-being. Announce's: Self Healing Analysis Tarot reading

Nothing more clearly marks the start of a powerful new phase than a New Moon Solar Eclipse. And tonight's New Moon is as intense as it gets, because it's happening in the sign of Scorpio. This means we're going to feel as if everything we thought we knew yesterday ... is no longer relevant today.

You won't have to abandon what you know, feel, or desire, but you will need to take a closer look at why you have been moving along the path you have. By using the energy of tonight's event, you have the chance for a major personal breakthrough. And speaking of major ... we've got more news you need to know about...

Self Healing Analysis Tarot reading

Just in time for tonight's event, we're introducing our newest Tarot reading, the Self-Healing Analysis reading! Based on our popular 7-card Self-Healing Potentials spread, this new reading adds an additional 3 cards for a more in-depth look at your most recent journey. With a focus on self-health, each position is geared toward healing and cleaning the slate for a new beginning.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse gives you the chance to mend and start anew, but not if you aren't healed from your past experiences. So get your Self-Healing Analysis Tarot reading now! There's also a way to get this at no cost -- with our TrialPay partner offer.

Start new. Start now.