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We're excited about 2014, a year filled with life-changing Astrology events that point to transformational times. Our Master Astrologers can explain the significance of all the big 2014 Astrology news!

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To contact an Astrology expert with questions for the press (newspapers, magazines), media appearances (television, radio), or to schedule interviews with world-class Master Astrologers Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer, please contact us at (503) 802-7935 or by e-mail at twilliams(at)tarot.com.

Our experts are ready to speak with you and answer questions about news and events related to Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and I Ching.

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2014 Astrology News at a Glance:


3/14 -- Pi Day
3/20 -- Astrological New Year + Spring Equinox + Sun in Aries
3/17 -- Celtic Astrology for St. Patrick's Day
3/20 -- Spring Love Horoscopes


4/6 -- The Astrology of Paul Rudd on his 45th birthday
4/14 -- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Tax Day
4/21 -- Grand Cross and Uranus square Pluto
4/25 -- New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus


5/20 -- Uranus square Pluto(exact)
5/25 -- World Tarot Day


6/21 -- Summer Solstice + Sun in Cancer
6/21 -- Summer Love Horoscopes


7/20 -- Saturn Direct
7/21 -- Uranus Retrograde
7/22 -- Sun in Leo
7/27-28 -- Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower from Aquarius


8/11-12 -- Perseids Meteor Shower (best meteor shower of the year)
8/23 -- Sun in Virgo


9/22 -- Fall Equinox + Sun in Libra
9/22 -- Fall Love Horoscopes


10/4 -- Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
10/31 -- Halloween Horoscopes


11/22 -- Sun in Sagittarius
11/28 -- Thanksgiving Horoscopes


12/21 -- Winter Solstice + Sun in Capricorn
12/21 -- Winter Love Horoscopes
12/25 -- Holiday Horoscopes

Contact: Tammy Williams, 503-802-7935; or e-mail twilliams(at)tarot.com for all questions and media requests.

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