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Jenn Zahrt

Dr. Jenn Zahrt

Astrologer, teacher, and Honorary Research Fellow

Jenn Zahrt, PhD has been an astrologer for over two decades. In addition to seeing clients and teaching classes, she serves the community through her publishing houses (Sophia Centre Press, Revelore Press), as well as non-profit service (Association for Young Astrologers). Dr. Zahrt also holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the Sophia Centre at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and is an Honorary Research Fellow there (2017-2022). She uses traditional and modern techniques to help people find their radiant spark.

Jenn can be found in the following places:

Twitter: twitter.com/zahrtillery

Instagram: instagram.com/zahrtillery

Email: jz@celestialspark.com

Her website: celestialspark.com

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