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Ready, Set ... Go!

Ready, Set ... Go!

Mars in Sagittarius is pushing you to act on impulses and get things done
Jessica Abel

I want you to think about something that you've always wanted to do. No, seriously! Picture something in your mind that's been a goal of yours. Got it? Good, because today is the day to do just that.

And it's all thanks to Mars, the warrior planet, bursting into expansive and free-wheeling Sagittarius. The action planet's arrival in the sign of the Archer is going to inspire widespread productivity. It's like an astrological double whammy can-do energy. But don't go crazy just yet; you'll need some perspective during this intense, fiery transit. Use this...Celtic Cross Tarot reading

Personally, whenever I'm feeling too impulsive, I always reach for the Celtic Cross Tarot reading. This spread offers up insight that can be applied to almost any situation that you find yourself in. After the 11 cards are revealed to you, understanding just seems to arrive naturally. It's a great tool to unlock your own intuition that's sometimes hard to find.

I can't wait to use today as a time to experience that one thing that I've always wanted to do! I suggest you do the same, because it will be awhile before we get this kind of energy again. But before you do, try a Celtic Cross Tarot reading.