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Astrology of April Fool's Day 2013

Astrology of April Fool's Day 2013

A comedy of errors
Maria DeSimone

This April Fool's Day it's possible that your plans for friendly pranks will seriously flop. Why? Well, it just so happens that on April Fool's Day 2013 we'll have a Void of Course Moon.

Astrologically, a Void of Course Moon occurs when the Moon has no more aspects to make with other planets before it enters the next zodiac sign. It's wandering aimlessly, in a sense, because it has no way to connect to other planets, which translates into an inability to access energy.

Ancient astrologers have noted that a Void of Course Moon becomes a reliable indicator of when NOT to start important projects or make vital decisions. There isn't anywhere for it to stick if launched during a Void of Course Moon, and usually nothing will come of the matter. Often, there is little focus during a Void of Course Moon. You're better off doing tasks that are relaxing and spiritual, not vital to your physical existence.

Why your pranks might flop

Now, applying this theory to April Fool's Day and the usual tricks, we can see that it'll be possible for your best laid pranks to fail. Perhaps no one "gets" your jokes. Or perhaps you have an elaborate scheme but your timing is off, or one of your "props" for the trick fails at the worst moment.

The good news is that everyone will take jokes in stride this April Fool's Day. The Moon may be Void of Course, but she'll be in adventurous Sagittarius all day long, which suggests a sunny, optimistic outlook.

What's more compelling about the Astrology of April Fool's Day is that the Sun in Aries will connect beautifully to Jupiter in Gemini. That means good news for all is possible the day before or after April Fool's Day.

But you can still jump for joy!

So, if your BFF tells you on April Fool's Day that he or she won the lottery, you may not want to believe the hype. But if you hear this news the day before or the day after, well, you might want to start jumping for joy.

Either way, on April Fool's Day it's unlikely that you'll find anyone in a sour mood. Whether or not the pranks are successful is beside the point. Have fun, laugh with friends and loved ones and remember the spirit of the day is most important.

This will be a great night to attend a comedy club, magic show or other event that a seasoned comedian performs. You'll crack up laughing, whether or not the routine is a success. Snuggle up with your sweetheart and watch a comedy. Spit-takes are optional but hilarity is guaranteed.