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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Looking ahead to the better half of 2014
Maria DeSimone

I'm writing this blog during a bout of insomnia. What woke me up was the pelting sound of a rainy, snowy mix outside. A strange April in New York, indeed! I can picture the daffodils and tulips outside fighting this uninvited cold front. They must feel cold, confused ... blindsided.

Haven't we all been feeling a little bit like this lately? By the time this manuscript gets to you, however, I'm sure the Sun will be out again -- in more ways than one. We will have just passed the exact mathematical alignments connected to the Cardinal Grand Cross, and we'll be ready to experience the Solar Eclipse in Taurus that's due to arrive on April 29, 2014.

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I know eclipse season can be a time of stress. This month, in particular, has offered incredible tension-producing Astrology. And yet, I see this eclipse at month's end as a breath of fresh air. Like the daffodils and tulips that are determined to bloom -- despite a nasty, unexpected bit of snow in April.

Moving on from stress to peace

The old saying "April showers bring May flowers" comes to mind when I think of this eclipse. How apt. The Solar Eclipse is in Taurus -- the most fertile zodiac sign. The sign connected to Mother Earth herself. And it's a Solar Eclipse that should herald new beginnings. Planting seeds that are extra potent in whatever area of our lives happen to connect to 9 degrees of Taurus in our horoscopes.

This eclipse is much kinder than the April 15 Lunar Eclipse. The Cardinal Grand Cross is separating, and the aspects to communication planet Mercury are divinely supportive. The New Moon will sextile Neptune and Jupiter, and trine Pluto. There is hope. Taurus is the sign of substance, and I feel that this eclipse promises to renew our spirits with the knowledge that we are all capable of building the physical security that sates us.

It's time to sink our teeth into something meaningful. Taurus doesn't like anything superficial ... she prefers what she can see, taste, touch, feel and hear. This would be the ideal eclipse to plant your garden under. To sit in the dirt, get your fingernails dirty and hug a tree. Lie in the grass and look up at the clouds. Have a picnic. Ride your bike or go roller blading or hiking. I don't care how you choose to connect with the earth during this lunation, but one way or another I hope you make love to her. Passionately.

This is the kind of eclipse we can use after a series of rattling, (and for some) earth-shattering planetary alignments. This eclipse will restore our footing. She will remind us what's real. What remains.

Jupiter in Leo ushers in joy

Soon, the rest of the sky will begin to cooperate, and we'll finally begin to embrace and enjoy 2014. Mars will turn direct on May 19, giving us back the pep in our step and the ability to break new ground in relationship matters. In my opinion, however, 2014 will really begin to shine once Jupiter enters Leo on July 16. I'm waiting for this transit with mouthwatering anticipation. Why? Joy and pleasure will infuse our spirits once more.

I do believe that Jupiter in Leo will be the salve that takes the sting out of the two remaining Uranus-Pluto squares we'll experience between now and the Spring of 2015. Sure, there will be more change on the horizon, but with Jupiter in Leo our philosophy around this shift will change. We'll learn how to dance with it, rather than feel threatened by it.

But for now, we have that Solar Eclipse in Taurus to focus on. Don't forget that Taurus rules, besides everything physical, our very own self-worth capacity. What we value about ourselves and in this physical world we live in.

It's time to create something to be proud of. Something lasting and priceless. This is your fresh start. Plant.

And remember: You reap what you sow.

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