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Neptune Direct: Expect Weird Dreams and More...

Neptune Direct: Expect Weird Dreams and More...

Just because a planet is going direct doesn't mean we're in the clear.
Jessica Abel

I had the weirdest dream last night. Don't worry, I'm not about to go into vivid detail and bore you to death. Rather I'm here to tell you ... you're next! When Neptune turns direct tonight, our dreams are going to become a lot more bizarre, and their lasting impact may start to creep into our daily lives.

Typically, when you hear about a planet going "direct" you assume it's a good thing and relief is in store. However, in the case of nebulous Neptune, our day and night dreams can become wildly vivid ... like it or not. All this smack-dab in the midst of Mercury Retrograde means we'll probably end up stuck, confused and upset about what we dream. Unless...

Astrology Dreams Profile

Understanding the why, how and what of your dreams starts with your unique Astrology Dreams Profile. This report analyzes the placement of Neptune, the Moon, Mercury and the Sun in your chart, revealing the symbols, colors and themes of your dreams. When you understand how your dreams present themselves to you, you'll understand what they are telling you.

With Neptune Direct and Mercury Retrograde, your Astrology Dreams Profile is a sure-fire way to avoid misinterpreting these important messages.