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Astrology vs. Astronomy

Astrology vs. Astronomy

When did the cosmic rift begin? Staff

Can't we all just get along? It's funny, but when it comes to the age-old battle between Astrology vs. Astronomy, it really wasn't until the "Age of Reason" the situation became unreasonable. Astrology and Astronomy derived from the same disciplined study of the stars and planets. In ancient times, the information gathered was used as much to guide lives as to guide ships. It wasn't until the 18th century that the two studies became separate.

Now, Astrologers still use the position of the planets and celestial objects to study their influence on people and nature, and this valuable insight can be used to predict moods and events. Astronomers, on the other hand, have become strict scientists, studying the universe and planets without allowing any intuitive elements creep in.

And because of these differences in discipline, Astrology and Astronomy often have a spirituality vs. science face-off.

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