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Picture this...

Picture this...

Knowing your love life for the next year! It's possible with the Big Picture Love Forecast.
Jessica Abel

We all want to experience falling madly in love like we see in the movies. Guess what ... right now it's possible! Why? Because thanks to Venus, the planet of romance, shifting into the partnership sign Libra tomorrow, the scales are tipping in our favor for love.

Whenever Venus shifts into a sign, the energy of that sign affects our romantic side. The energy is bold in some signs, shy in others, but in Libra, Venus' home sign, we get a balanced look at the big picture. So, get the popcorn ready ... because your next year of romance is about to premiere.

Big Picture Love Forecast

Written by Tarot.com's popular astrologer for love, Maria DeSimone, the Big Picture Love Forecast analyzes the planetary aspects that influence your relationships -- for good or bad -- over the next 365 days! With over 10 chapters including your romantic cycles, your sexual cycles, and your potential to find the right fit, this report offers widespread insight into your heart's next journey around the Sun.

The planets are showing us the way to lasting love, so don't wait! Start reading your starry-eyed screenplay with your personalized Big Picture Love Forecast.