Keeping Up with Jupiter in Gemini

More data does not equal more understanding

Keeping Up with Jupiter in Gemini

This is a time of information saturation. We carry computers in our pockets and purses that access the Internet and we communicate by message, text, e-mail, blog and telephone. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is becoming the norm as the persistent presence of these channels of communication habituate us to constant input and has us poking our devices whenever there's a pause in the action.

There's a kind of itching and twitching while we check e-mail on line at the market or sneak in a quick text during a long red light. It seems that the act of communicating is more important than the message itself. (Thank you Marshall McLuhan.)

You can find calm in the storm of information overload with a Peace & Harmony Tarot reading. But this trend has been growing throughout my lifetime, as television was added to radio, then cable TV vastly increased the number of available channels.

In some ways it seemed like the Western world was saturated with media long before the Internet launched us into information hyperspace that dwarfed everything that came before. The local library I loved as a child has been surpassed by the Web, Wikipedia and all the electronic books I download into my Kindle app.

More facts, less truth

More data does not equal more understanding, though. This mismatch between the volume and quality of information is reflected in the symbolism of Jupiter in Gemini, a yearlong transit that ends on June 25, 2013. The sign of the Twins is about data collection, and the more of it the better. Expansive Jupiter's passage through Gemini invites even more factoids and wordplay that distract us from deeper truths within and higher truths from above.

Jupiter's association with meaning and philosophy makes it uncomfortable in the intellectual swap meet of Gemini. It's like making Einstein read comic books or listening to air-headed news readers equating their economic analyses with the works of Nobel Prize winners. Standards drop as we lose context, disdain history and disregard science. Being clever is more important than being conscious because the former is cute and funny and the latter is such a bore.

Yet, as pointed out earlier, these issues did not begin last year when Jupiter entered Gemini and they will not end on June 25 when it leaves this sign. The giant planet's 12-month transit expands these matters so that, ideally, we can begin to address them.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

One of the antidotes to the Gemini excesses of disparate data is editing. This is the domain of discriminating Virgo that's more interested in the integrity and utility of information than its volume. Learning to screen out inconsequential data to focus on essential details weeds out trivia, unclutters minds and sharpens thinking.

When Jupiter enters instinctual Cancer in late June we should be less hungry for intellectual junk food. Although the distractions of the modern age will not disappear, awareness of what we feel and truly need can turn our attention inward where we can discover deeper truths within ourselves.

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