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Three Eclipses in a Row

Three Eclipses in a Row

Expect powerful emotions around spring's Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Jeff Jawer

Back in the distant days of the 1960's, a musician named Donovan had a song called "Season of the Witch" that evoked the same kind of twitchy vibes as the planets are putting out these days.

We could call this the season of the eclipse. These dramatic celestial events usually come in pairs, with one following the other by about two weeks. However, we are in the midst of a very active period with three eclipses on April 25, May 9 and May 24 of 2013.

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Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses happen when a New Moon or Full Moon occurs close to the Moon's nodes. These nodal points are often used to track the journey of the soul in natal Astrology, making them powerful indicators of potential spiritual development and stagnation. But what makes them remarkable in a general sense is their association with eclipses.

The ones we're having now occur with the south node of the Moon, symbol of the past, in earthy, easygoing Taurus, and the north node of the Moon, symbol of the future, in watery, intense Scorpio. In general, we can say that it's healthier to dig into the powerful and complex emotions of Scorpio than to content ourselves with Taurus' taste for a simple life of comfort and consistency.

Astrologers have always considered eclipses to be important. Using them, however, is complicated by the fact that their influence can be felt up to six months before or after the event. Yet even if their timing is imprecise, their impact is significant. Solar Eclipses are about stepping back from the Sun's sense of self-importance to face feelings and the past symbolized by the Moon that darkens the solar disk. Lunar Eclipses, conversely, are about letting go of old patterns.

The meaning of any eclipse is determined by the zodiac sign in which it occurs and its relationship by angle (aspect) to the other planets. The effect of an eclipse for an individual is determined by the aspects it makes to his or her natal chart. For example, a Solar Eclipse on someone's birthday, or within five days or so of it, conjuncts their Sun, making it a potentially transformational event regarding one's will, purpose or vitality.

The April 25 Lunar Eclipse during the Full Moon in Scorpio was a heavy one. Stern Saturn's conjunction with the Moon and angry Mars' union with the Sun was intense, physical and it is still playing out its squeezing force on our sense of safety.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on May 9 is not slammed by these hard aspects, suggesting a less dramatic impact, yet we can expect the fall of some heads of state, corporate or other major leaders to follow.

The last of the bunch is a Sagittarius Full Moon on May 24. We're out of the thick, fixed sign Taurus-Scorpio zone, yet this lunation is still close enough to the nodes to produce a Lunar Eclipse. Dreamy Neptune's challenging square to this Sun-Moon opposition is about fraud, chemicals, gas or oil leaks and water related problems, yet it could also work positively to soften extreme judgment with compassion.

Regardless of where eclipses fall in the sky or in a person's chart, they are transit stations when the close alignment of the Sun and Moon open gateways to other dimensions. We may experience them as collective tragedy or individual enlightenment, but in any case we are likely to see our world and ourselves altered by them.

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