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Full Moon in Cancer Lays the foundation for radical transformation

Full Moon: Past Lives Revealed

The Full Moon in Cancer will make it impossible to avoid your past
Jessica Abel

A Full Moon is the very peak of a 28-day lunar cycle, resulting in one of the most brilliant, powerful, and emotional days of the month. But what makes each Full Moon different from any other is the sign it occurs in. Tomorrow's Full Moon is happening in Cancer, meaning our past lives will be more haunting (in a good way) than ever.

Cancers are the guardians of the past and preservers of nostalgia and beauty. The Crab is said to carry the traditions, feelings, and lessons from many lifetimes. But unless you learn to recognize these "deja vu" feelings, you won't be able to connect with the messages of your bygone spirits. Here's how to prepare for this blast from the past...

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