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Astrology and Family

Astrology and Family

When the people you love collide with the job you love...
Maria DeSimone

I hate it when my loved ones ask me to do their Astrology. Immediately I break out into a sweat and my chest tightens up. Usually I have a rule to make my life simpler and it goes like this: "If I know you and love you then don't ask me to do your Astrology."

Yeah that works. Like ... never!

For me, the problem is that if I'm asked to look at the Astrology of someone I have a deep emotional bond with, I can't be objective. I don't want to see the negative cycles and yet if I do, I'll automatically assume the worst. It's a "lose, lose" situation. And now you can take a look at your family's future prospects with a Family Celtic Cross reading.

Keeping it in the family

Take my sister for example ... her Astrology has been a hot mess. I tried not to look but when you have someone's chart practically etched in your memory it becomes difficult to resist. Yet, I was determined to NOT talk to my sister about the impending doom I saw.

But then, about two years ago she started to ask. "Maria, you see some bad juju in my planets don't you?"

I attempted to smooth it over. Yeah, I was real smooth:

"Antonietta, I don't want to talk about it!"

Obviously then I HAD to tell her. But how do you tell your family driven Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon sister that you see nothing but domestic disaster ahead? I'm taking potential family separation and destruction of life as she knows it, in merely a year's time.

Time tells all...

Eventually, I did reveal what I saw. I interpreted her extraordinarily difficult cycles as a likely divorce. No offense to my brother in law ... I love him. I just saw the bad Astrology and well ... ran with it in typical "doomsday fashion" because I had zero ability to look objectively at her cycles.

Thankfully, I have a family who takes me in stride. Everyone in my clan would laugh about my latest prediction and just dismiss me as "bitter" since I am the only divorced sibling in the family.


Anyway, last summer when my sister and her family were visiting us in NY from Florida a sudden turn of events occurred that started to make the difficult Astrology make sense.

Silver linings

My brother in law was offered an incredible job here that he decided to take. All good right? Except for the fact that it was in the best interest of the kids to finish out the school year in Florida. My sister would also have to give up her job, their home, friends and the life she built in Florida over the last nine years. It was definitely a bittersweet decision.

Ultimately, my sister and brother in law felt this was best for their family. Of course I was ecstatic -- my sister was coming back to NY!

But I feel her pain too ... she would need to leave everything behind and start over.

What this also meant is that, for an entire year she would be separated from her husband. Not because they wanted to divorce (like I assumed) but because he needed to live in NY and work while she stayed in Florida with the kids. My brother in law lived with my parents all year while my sister was "on her own" with my nieces and nephew.

We all had an "aha" moment last summer when the astrological cycles I saw for her finally made sense. Yes, it was total devastation and family separation ... but not like I anticipated.

A lesson learned

A humble lesson that when you make predictions it's always wise to stick with the themes and symbolism without making an absolute judgment. Usually I do -- but when it's family -- it's personal. And I can't help but say "XYZ is going to happen."

You'd think by now I'd stop offering my family astrological advice. But no, it never seems to work.

My sister and the gang finally arrived in NY this past weekend and are temporarily staying with my parents until they find a new place to live. I somehow felt compelled to let my little sis know that now is not an ideal time to look for a home. I mean come on ... Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer (which rules home, family and real estate) until July 20! My sister has her Sun in Cancer so this is an even greater indication that there will be nothing but headaches if she swims against the astrological tide now.

Needless to say, she was not pleased. *Sigh*

Ugh. If I could smack those planets around with a wooden spoon to make them behave, you know I would ... especially for my family.

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