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Feeling Safe in Unsafe Times

Our intensified need for security
Jeff Jawer

The Sun entered protective and cautious Cancer on Saturday, June 21, marking the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice below the equator. This highly sensitive water sign is associated with security and safety, qualities that aren't easy to come by in these changeable times. Of course, it's natural to desire them, but this solar transit may intensify this need. We tend to look back with the Sun in Cancer, as if we are trying to reconnect with our roots. The traditions and family patterns of the past rise to consciousness, especially during visionary Jupiter's yearlong transit of Cancer that ends on July 16.

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Changing institutions

Thinking about the good old days (whether they were truly good or not) is a form of nostalgia that might offer moments of comfort yet is unlikely to serve our long-term interests. There are several reasons for this. First is that we're still in the midst of the ongoing series of seven stressful squares between volatile Uranus and provocative Pluto. These slow-moving transits don't finish their initial phase until 2015, indicating that more change, rather than less, is expected. Hunkering down in an emotional bunker to resist the buffeting forces of uncertainly is instinctual. Yet sticking to this behavior is more likely to increase insecurity than to overcome it.

The Uranus-Pluto square is about changing institutions, both external and internal. The crises that shake the world are, in some ways, reflected in our personal alterations of mood, expectation and experience. If we hold to the conservative Cancer position of seeking answers in the past, the transition to the future will be more painful. If, on the other hand, we apply the nurturing and caring qualities of this sign to encourage growth, we liberate ourselves from old limits and empower ourselves with renewed strength and passion. Playing it safe by trying to stand still is very risky indeed.

Consider letting go

On July 4 the Sun will oppose Pluto and on July 8 it will square Uranus. These are times of heightened intensity when some of us may be anxious to burn bridges with the past on our way to a more exciting tomorrow. However, human nature and the Sun in protective Cancer suggest that it's likely that most of us will attempt to hold onto what we have rather than considering letting go. Pluto is the planet of addition by subtraction, indicating that it may be necessary to eliminate people, ideas, habits and ambitions that can't fulfill our deepest desires. We can feel weird or be in a chaotic situation with the solar square to Uranus. Flexibility and curiosity, though, allow us to adapt and adjust and, perhaps, find fresh forms of excitement, instead of going rigid, which will increase pressure and the likelihood of an explosion.

The value of the Sun in Cancer is to recognize emotional patterns, but not so that they are continued at any price. Rather, it is to learn to be like a loving mother who is there to protect her children but recognizes that each one must find his or her own unique way through life. Real security comes from embracing and engaging in the cycles of change, which is the great opportunity for growth and discovery available to all of us now.

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