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FUN-damentally Elemental

Delight is a not-so-universal thing
Maria DeSimone

My kids are fond of telling me how boring I am. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not exactly the "Hey, let's play a game!" type of mother. My children always have a clean, cozy home to live in and clothes to wear. They can count on me to make homemade chicken soup when they're under the weather, or a delicious batch of brownies for an after school snack surprise. I would spend hours reading to my kids when they were fledgling. To this day, I'll help them with English assignments when they ask. But if my daughter wanted me to play dolls with her when she was younger, or my son wanted me to play race cars with him, my eyes would roll and I'd prepare myself for a round of torture. If they wanted to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon at the arcade, I would die a little inside. Yeah, it was that bad. Why?

My temperament is practical. To me, tricks are for kids.

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Vincent and Annamaria have a different temperament entirely. They like to party. They love to dance. They're both much more social than I am. My favorite thing to do in the world is to dine at a classy restaurant and experience the atmosphere of the place and the taste of exquisite food. My second favorite thing to do is bike riding along beautiful outdoor scenery or on the boardwalk of a beach (something I sadly have not done in too long). No surprise, I'm a Taurus -- an Earth sign. My fun is always practical and/or tied to the physical world. My kids hate going out to eat with me ... to them it's dull. They want to go to concerts, basketball games, and laugh. Their favorite pastime is shopping. Oh boy do they know how to spend money freely on expensive items. Of course! They are Leos, the Fire sign of entertainment and extravagance.

Elementally, we are different. As a result, our definition of fun is fundamentally dissimilar.

Different strokes

Knowing this of course, I smile when they proclaim that my life is one giant snooze fest. In their energy field it always will be and it's something I accept. We find the occasional common ground in activities but I find that we enjoy them for very different reasons.

I love going to the beach. So does my daughter. I love it because I get to dig my body into the sand, experience the relaxing sound of waves crashing nonstop and the taste of salt water on my lips. I get to immerse myself in one of the most magnificent wonders of nature ... the ocean. Annamaria is much more straightforward about why she loves the beach. She gets to play in the ocean with her friends. Then, when they're finished frolicking, they all get to lie out and work on their tan.

See the difference?

I love playing XBOX NBA basketball with my son. He loves it because he is a total basketball fanatic and utterly enjoys the sport. Plus, he gets to show off his gaming skills. He genuinely experiences pleasure when he plays basketball -- either outdoors with friends, on his school team, or with me in our living room. Why do I love playing? Actually, I don't. I love playing the game ONLY with my son because it affords me an opportunity to sneak in conversations, open up dialogue, and keep the lines of communication flowing with my teenage boy. I love the end result of playing XBOX ... the enhanced bond it fosters.

See the difference?

Elements and energies

Whether you're an Earth, Air, Water or Fire sign, that element will reveal incredible information about your essential temperament. Earth is mainly physical and practical. Air is primarily mental and social. Water is basically deeply feeling and artistic. Fire is principally enthusiastic and playful.

All zodiac signs like to experience pleasure, but what constitutes delight to each element is likely to be quite different. Remember that before you judge. In the end, I don't care what my kids say. A facial, aromatherapy massage, or dark chocolate bar always show me a good time!

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