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Changing Minds

Changing Minds

Life changes quickly with three planets in Gemini
Jeff Jawer

The life-giving Sun, active Mars and philosophical Jupiter are all in diverse Gemini right now. This curious, adaptable and flexible sign represents mental mobility and a diversity of perspectives and ideas. Staying focused on one subject or task can be difficult as the winds of change swirl through our brains.

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We often think of Gemini as a restless child or as a young person who cannot maintain the steadiness and commitment to complete difficult tasks. Yet the ability to alter perceptions is also an asset when we find ourselves stuck in a rut.

The mind, as we know, tends to chatter away, filling our heads with ideas and concepts that delight, depress, distract and sometimes descend into dark crevices that can be difficult to escape. I found myself in one of these shadowy places the other day, which has, thankfully, happened very infrequently in recent years. It occurred on Sunday morning when I found myself wide awake at 5 a.m.

Early morning anxiety attack

I was in a strange and exotic place -- Beijing, China -- in the midst of leading an Experiential Astrology workshop. The teaching was going well and my wife and I were having a great time visiting this fascinating city.

Our friends David Railey and Felicia Jiang from Nodoor.com and their enthusiastic staff couldn't be kinder and more generous. The students were sweet, smart and enthusiastic, yet lying in the dark and desperately wishing I could sleep longer, I found myself in that place of wanting to be somewhere else. I was tired and anxious, wishing that I was home in cool, suburban Seattle rather than in the midst of steamy Beijing. There was doubt and dread about the long day of work ahead.

Naturally, I wasn't about to jump out of bed, wake up Danick, my wife, pack our bags and head to the airport. That was impossible and irresponsible beyond belief. I knew I had to change my thinking and finish the workshop. Fortunately, I was able to do that. The first step was to stop taking my thoughts so seriously.

Attachment to our ideas is a common pattern that can lock us into dark closets of negativity. But I didn't have to convince myself that I had to suddenly transform fatigue and self-doubt into wide-eyed optimism.

Transforming negativity into optimism

All I needed to do was to find a neutral place instead of falling back into reverse or forging ahead into first gear. It only takes a moment, a breath or two or three of not identifying with the fearful thoughts to escape them. When dealing with more persistent problems, it helps to detach from time to time to reduce the pressure, if only temporarily. But continuing to exercise the right of not thinking about an issue will rest the mind, calm the heart and increase the chances of finding creative solutions.

Perhaps it was three planets in light-hearted Gemini that made my transition so rapid and easy. Maybe it's my meditation practice that's a reminder to watch thoughts as passing pictures rather than the whole of reality. Then again, it could simply be grace or the assistance of unseen forces that allowed this mental pivot on my pillow that quickly altered the course of my day.

Sunday's workshop was everything I could have hoped for, filled with warmth and wit and bits of astrological wisdom. I was energized, the students were energized, we danced through Astrology charts and planetary games that empower, move emotions and entertain.

Thank you dear, playful, easily distracted Gemini for reminding me that sometimes life can change as quickly as we change our minds.

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