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Grand Fire Trine Alert!

The sky's the limit during June's brilliant Astrology lineup
Maria DeSimone

My daughter is trying her best to get me on board with her desire to get her first tattoo before she turns 18. In her attempt to convince me, she recently bought some clever (and beautiful) temporary tattoos and has been busy creating designs and showing them off to me. While her practical Taurus mom has no intention of allowing her to get a real tattoo until she's older, I have to admit that I was pretty keen on one tattoo that the two of us created together the other day using the temporary sketches. It spoke to my Sagittarius Moon deeply. If I were a tattoo person this would be the kind of tat I'd get myself.

It was a bunch of arrows -- beautifully crafted arrows -- pointed up at the sky. Underneath the arrows in gorgeous calligraphy was the word "faith." If I had to put into a picture the essence of Sagittariusto illustrate what this zodiac sign is really all about that tattoo would perfectly demonstrate it. Sagittarius is always looking toward the next best thing, sure that it will happen. Some call it optimism, others call it blind faith. Sagittarius simply calls it truth. This sign appreciates the journey more than the destination, because Sagittarius knows that the journey is where the magic happens. The journey is where we grow.

So mark your calendar for June 29 and June 30 with a giant happy face! That's because the Moon is passing through Sagittarius on these days, completing a Grand Fire Trine with Venus and Uranus!

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Early on June 29 Venus in Leo will make a perfect trine to Uranus in Aries. This connection promises unexpected, positive developments in love, money, and creative endeavors, as well as anything you do to showcase your originality. This is a day to show off with absolute pride everything that makes you special and unique, because the universe will reward you for it.

Aries and Leo are Fire signs, just like Sagittarius. Together these three signs make up the perfect trifecta of the Fire element. Fire signs are enthusiastic, creative, and high-spirited. They're hot and they know it! Energetically, no one can keep up with Fire ... they are born winners.

By June 30 the Moon will catch up in exact mathematical degree to this Venus-Uranus trine. In the sky this will appear as a perfect triangle -- a rare and very auspicious planetary lineup. Since it connects with the Moon (the fastest moving planet) you'll have to move fast to make it work for you, but there's enough time for you to certainly feel its heat. That triangle is called a Grand Trine (when each sign in a particular element meets up at a 120 degree angle). A Grand Trine can happen in any element, but when it's Fire, it's sure to get noticed!

The positivity continues...

On July 1 the Moon will leave Sagittarius, but before it does Venus and Jupiter in Leo will bless us with a gorgeous conjunction adding even more positive potential to this Grand Fire Trine energy.

Something extraordinarily positive is sure to bless you and your world on these days my friends. Whatever it is, expect the energy of Fire to be a major part of the theme. And with BOTH benefics in the picture as well (Venus and Jupiter) you can't help but look at this planetary lineup and see stars. As for me? When I look at this picture all I see is that tattoo I created with my daughter. Arrows directed upward -- filled with endless possibilities -- but pointing high and certain to reach their destination. Why? Because Fire is filled with a gut-level, inner-knowing faith that assures anything can happen. The sky is truly the limit on these days. What are you aiming for?

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