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Happy Days Are Here Again

The future is bright as Uranus and Pluto part ways
Maria DeSimone

Without fail, the most common phrase I've heard since 2015 began is: "So far, this year stinks. When will it get better?"

Believe me; I hear ya.

It's now safe for me to tell you that the rest of 2015 will not be as stressful as the onset of it. In fact, from here on out, life will slowly begin to calm down for many of us. The storms in our lives might not be completely gone, but they have certainly shifted to a lower intensity.

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Dark days

This is major news because for many of us, since 2012, life has thrown one curve ball after the other, giving us little time to put on our boxing gloves ... or at least duck for cover! Uranus, the planet of chaos, revolution, and sudden change, has been clashing with Pluto, the planet of intense elimination and regeneration, for the last three years. On March 16, 2015, we experienced the final exact hit between these two "planets behaving badly." But then the Lunar Eclipse on April 4 woke up that sensitive degree where Uranus and Pluto met for their final brawl -- 15 degrees of any Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).

Friends, I can unequivocally tell you that I have felt this planetary boxing match in my chart in the same over-the-top tumultuous way that any of you with personal planets or chart angles in early to mid-degree Cardinal signs have. Our lives have been beat, shattered, decimated and then -- just for good measure -- we've been kicked while we were already down for the count.

Now, FINALLY, a new dawn is upon us. Future eclipses will not trigger Uranus and Pluto, because these guys are finally parting ways and moving on. Sure, they will be close to each other for a little while longer, but there's a difference now: they've made a decision; they're done with each other; they each said, "We fought our best fight. Game over." And that means your life will calm down and the chaos will settle. The destruction now has a chance to be cleared away for something new and brighter to come into your life.

The shining light

On April 8 Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and faith, turned direct in magnanimous Leo after having been retrograde for several months. Sure, Jupiter is retrograde for half the year all the time, but the timing of his direct motion this year so close after that nasty Lunar Eclipse on April 4 was an extra-special blessing. It's like the universe said: "Ok, I hear your cries. It's time to bring in the Calvary." What better way to relieve all the suffering than Jupiter moving direct in bright, sunny Leo?

Ah, yes my friends. You can be sure that this May we'll enjoy plenty of flowers in the garden of life. Heck, after all those showers I think we've more than earned them.

Life might not be perfect, but the point is, the pressures will begin to lift enough for us to once again feel that we're able to enjoy the journey. So to answer your question about when 2015 will get better, I'm thrilled to tell you that time has arrived.

Happy Days ARE here again.

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