Jupiter in Cancer

Improvements come to the family and the home during this lucky transit...

Jupiter in Cancer

Opportunistic Jupiter moved into Cancer on June 25, 2013. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion and prosperity. This massive planet changes signs almost once a year, and when he does he'll switch gears in terms of how delivers his cosmic luck to us. And you can find out how this movement will move you personally with a Jupiter's Promises report.

Jupiter in Cancer is extra special, because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. This means Jupiter is strengthened and more easily able to bestow the best of what he wants to bring. So, what exactly does Jupiter in Cancer want to bless you with?

Home sweet home

Consider what the sign Cancer is all about. The Crab represents emotional security, family, sustenance, home life, our roots, traditions, food and nurturing.

While expansive Jupiter tours through Cancer it's easy to see how these areas of our lives may experience an exciting -- and happy -- growth spurt. Perhaps your family will become even more closely knit and you'll enjoy spending extra time together. You might find greater joy in exploring your heritage and family traditions this year. You might also be in a more sensitive position to nurture others, particularly those closest to your heart.

With Jupiter in Cancer it's likely that real estate will take a stronger focus. You might purchase a home or find yourself in the midst of a renovation. Someone might move in with you or you might discover that a new addition will join your family soon!

A family reunion you'll actually want to attend

When you consider that Jupiter is the planet of faith, philosophy, and optimism it may also become clear that Jupiter in Cancer will likely be a time of having greater faith in your family's structures. What your tribe believes in might begin to resonate with you on a deep level -- maybe even more profound than ever.  You could enjoy a year of feeling more at home and fitting in with your family.

Your philosophical beliefs and highest ideals will likely center on what makes you feel the most safe and secure. Old-fashioned wisdom will be what strikes the greatest emotional chord in yourself because it will sustain your soul like nothing else.

From June 25, 2013 until July 16, 2014, Jupiter will tour Cancer. But this time around, Jupiter is making quite a few exciting aspects to other planets. In fact, we'll experience the rare event of Jupiter connecting to every single outer planet in the zodiac while in Cancer!

Some cosmic luck is coming our way

On January 31, 2014 and April 21, 2014, Jupiter will oppose Pluto in Capricorn (which happened once already, on August 7, 2013). This will prompt an expansive -- and potentially ruthless -- urge to gain power in order to achieve personal security. While this aspect can certainly yield incredible success, at the same time it might be a little too intense. You'll have an incredible capacity to gain clout in a spiritual, financial, or mental direction. Becoming obsessed with one's personal goals, ideology and security can be an issue. If you find that you're resorting to controlling or manipulative behavior in order to get what you want, it might not be a pretty outcome. Still, this opposition will be a driving force to help you achieve a level of security that you might not have enjoyed in quite a while.

Then, Jupiter will be at a tense square to Uranus on February 26, 2014 and April 20, 2014, and it already was once on August 21, 2013. This represents sudden revolution that may be prompted by religious or spiritual beliefs on a mass level. Personally, this may have to do with an unexpected change in your family dynamic or traditions that will challenge the status quo of your emotional security. You might feel an urge to take a personal stand -- even if it means rustling up your perfect little nest. Ultimately, this square might help us achieve a much needed domestic reform on both a personal and collective level.

Last but not least, on May 24, 2014 Jupiter will trine Saturn, offering the best possible combination of optimism and realism in order to successfully materialize your most idealistic goals. Real estate will be especially favored and the market may show signs of solid improvement. Finally!

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