Jupiter in Cancer: La Famiglia

Healing the family tree

Jupiter in Cancer: La Famiglia

I grew up in an extremely close-knit Italian family.

If that sentence gave you visions of loud gatherings filled with laughter, incredible food, and conversation in English and Italian (at the same time) then you're on the right track. Well, sort of...

We didn't have much in terms of the material things in life (not poor, but definitely members of the struggling working class). My tribe has endured many a struggle at various points (mental illness, alcoholism, abuse), and I'd be lying if I told you that it didn't leave an imprint on me.

What happens during the earliest years, when we depend on our family for nurturance and security, will color how we react to the world for the rest of our lives. These early experiences are carved into our psyches in ways we cannot control. Look into your own roots and influences with a Family Celtic Cross Tarot reading today. And what's even more fascinating is what we choose to do with these experiences as adults. Some of us crumble because of them while others grow into pillars of strength and compassion.

Like you, I can list dysfunction in both my family of origin as well as my family of creation. There seems to be no way to escape it. After all, I do have Saturn in Cancer (hello family karma).

Fever in the family

What I've learned however, is that a family with strong roots can survive the most difficult of hardships together. When you consider that the toxic symptoms of a diseased family tree is not trying to destroy the root, but instead sending out blaring warning signals that healing needs to occur ASAP, I think families have a better chance at survival. In fact, it's these families that become invincible.

It's like your body when it's sick. The debilitating fever that sometimes accompanies illness is a signal that your body is trying to fight off, not succumb to the ailment.

Ever think about some of your personal family dysfunction this way? I have.

I recognize that it doesn't make sense for every personal family situation. Still, consider that many of our domestic struggles have something in common. A family member is internally bleeding and needs help to repair damage. If you consider this perspective, perhaps you'll be able to remove your personal pain from the equation and contribute to healing instead of allowing the disease to spread.

Maybe the "fever" in your family dynamic is a drug addict or a defiant child. Perhaps it's someone who suffers from Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder. Maybe there's an alcoholic or violent person in your clan. Yes, the individual suffers in each case, but so does the family. There's an imprint that we can't ignore. Still, if there is enough family support, then there is a good chance for restoration.

Healing can happen with Jupiter in Cancer

From June 25, 2013 - July 16, 2014, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity -- the planet of benevolence -- will be in Cancer.

Cancer rules family. Her domain happens to be those roots also known as your heritage. Cancer is tradition and memories. Cancer is sustenance.

While Jupiter is in Cancer I think we all have an incredible opportunity to get closer to family again. This is the cosmic signal from the universe to make family first.

I'm not, by any means, trying to minimize the suffering you (or I) might have endured by relatives or domestic trauma that left a watermark of pain and anguish. All I'm suggesting is that now -- and for the next year -- we have extraordinary cosmic support that can assist us in restoring bountiful domestic ties. It's time to water the roots of your family and watch it blossom.

As for me and my clan? Like I said, we're not perfect. We've had our share of tragedies and grief. But you know what amazes me the most about us? No matter what, we stick together. My Nonna (Italian for "grandmother") taught us that no matter how much you're fighting with someone, when it's time for dinner you're still going to sit down together and break bread. Her philosophy was one that forced us to maintain family ties and work through problems. I will say that working through your family stuff over an incredible Italian meal and homemade wine can make the most stressful tension begin to disappear.

Somehow, our family always manages to get through the bad times and I'm grateful for that.
Thanks to Jupiter in Cancer, there's an extraordinary opportunity to expand your own domestic happiness simply by making an effort to help someone in your clan who might be fighting off a fever. Or, maybe it's time to let yourself rest and recuperate from your own.

Jupiter in Cancer: it's the the ultimate chicken soup for your soul.

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