Jumpin' Jupiter in Gemini!

Use your wit to attract good fortune with Jupiter in Gemini

Astrology: Jupiter in Gemini

Giant Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into breezy, intellectual Gemini from Monday, June 11 to June 25, 2013. This signals the arrival of a whole year that will be rich with new opportunities for enhanced communication and personal growth.

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Airy Gemini is the zodiac sign we associate with great communication and brilliant ideas. Oh, and lots of chatter, too. So Jupiter in Gemini is all about opening our minds to new ideas and increased options for the future. Yes, we'll be talking a lot, but it won't just be all talk -- we can accomplish a lot right now, too!

While Jupiter is in Gemini, we can expect to be very, very busy. We'll want to read things, absorb things, learn things and talk about it all. We'll find ourselves coming up with more new and brilliant ideas than ever -- so many, in fact, that it will require a great deal of juggling to pursue them all.

We'll also experience some truly wonderful communication during this time. People will be more open to hearing each other's ideas, everyone will have a better sense of humor and a generally more happy-go-lucky outlook on life.

Gemini moves fast, so prepare to be busy until Jupiter moves on into cozy Cancer next year. It might even get too busy -- you could find yourself feeling a bit frantic at times, or confused by which path to follow because there are so many directions to go.

If you begin to feel overwhelmed, try to focus on one thing at a time and cut as much clutter as you can. More than anything be thankful, because jumpin' Jupiter is on YOUR side!

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