Jupiter Meets Leo

Personal growth is a matter of perspective

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Expansive Jupiter entered outgoing Leo on July 16, 2014, starting a yearlong period of grand visions, creative ambitions, and ego-filled enthusiasm for love, glory and God. Both planet and sign are optimistic by nature, yet a planet's transit is not a singular event; it's a process in which the qualities of the planet grow and evolve according to the nature of the sign it's in.

The journey of any planet through the Fixed Fire sign Leo is one from unvarnished ego to socially conscious action, from self-indulgence and attention seeking to the generosity of a noble heart. And all of this is coming to a close soon, on August 11, 2015, when Jupiter moves on to Virgo.

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Every planet and sign has its strengths and weaknesses, but the grand promises and high expectations of Jupiter and Leo tend to make these contrasts even greater. Jupiter, for example, is a planet of philosophy and wisdom, enriched with a telescopic perspective that sees far beyond the present moment. Yet it is also this planet's nature to try to package data into one big picture or belief system. The irony, then, is that Jupiter's goal of finding ultimate answers can, in fact, narrow thinking. The prejudices and biases of a religious, political or philosophical system can wind up excluding contradictory ideas. When this happens the expansiveness of the planet is replaced by a judgmental attitude enslaved by dogma.

Similarly, the fiery, expressive and outgoing nature of Leo can crystallize into a rigid, ego-based form that is anything but generous. It is, after all, a Fixed sign with a strongly willful and stubborn side. It shares Jupiter's desire to be comprehensive with Leo's natural inclination to act and speak rather than to listen, reflect and respond. When the worst aspects of these two symbols join forces we have tyranny. The powers of belief and will dominate the environment, perhaps trying to appear magnanimous when ideas are constrained within the rigid confines of a know-it-all personality. Outward certainty about what's true often masks the inner limitations of insecurity. This is a combination that gives rise to dominating behavior as compensation for a true lack of trust in oneself.

Letting go to grow

The double blast of overt confidence of Jupiter and Leo is most useful when play is involved. A joyous approach comes with a lighter touch, inspiring urges to create and participate that are absent when we take ourselves and our ideas too seriously. When Leo's effect is to behave as if creation is a closed process, something that we complete and then live with forever, passion is replaced by partisanship. When Jupiter assumes that it has all the answers we stop learning. Excessive attachment to our beliefs is the sticky stuff that inhibits growth while a dash of detachment allows us to discover great truths while remaining open to discovering even more.

Pomposity and the use of so-called principles to limit debate about ideas are signals that Jupiter in Leo is feeding off undernourished egos and depriving us of possibilities to be really creative. Inner doubts may be expressed as outward dominance, as if rigidity is a sign of confidence. Movement, though, is a fundamental element of life that requires flexibility to function properly. Be bold with Jupiter in Leo. Make brash statements and take risks in what you do and say, as long as you recognize that whatever you think or feel is just one slice of reality. Keep your heart and mind open and this transit will inspire a joy of learning that rejects dogma and reduces the tyranny of rigid beliefs.

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