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Stay­ing Present When Life Gives You Lemons

Let go and let the Universe guide you...
Tarot.com Staff

A Blog and Video by Colette Baron-Reid, Speaker at Intuition 2.0

Dearest seeker of light and love,

Have you noticed that it’s getting easier and much quicker to manifest these days? This is why meditation and stilling the mind is crucial to make the roller-coaster a less nauseating ride. I feel the veils are becoming thinner between worlds of what is and what might be and parallel worlds collide at these extraordinary choice points we may not be prepared for.

The way forward is always to jump in as if you knew 10000% that your guides and angels are waiting to catch you, or at the very least encourage you to unfurl those wings you have tucked inside your heart. It’s a bumpy ride in these halls of mirrors between intention setting, releasing, seeing the amazing effortless arrival of events, then holding on too tight just in case it might not be real while trying to remember that the Universe is a perfect organizer.