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Little Revolutions

Putting the pieces of the bigger picture into place...
Jeff Jawer

Change is inevitable. Day turns into night, summer into fall and we grow older every year. This is a natural process but one that is often resisted on a personal level. It's understandable to hold onto our sense of who we are by sticking to our habits because that's really all we have. Our loved ones, work, play, and everything else are viewed through the lens of the self. Changing ourselves means changing the lens, which will makes the world look different.

Most people interested in Astrology and other metaphysical subjects are trying to learn about themselves. The greatest gift of having a natal (birth) chart analyzed is that it's a picture of you -- a cosmic perspective on your life and its purpose. And you could take a look at your own astrological indentity by running our Essential Birth Report. Being recognized as a unique individual is empowering and exciting. Knowing who you are, or at least having a good story, is comforting ... even when it's limiting. The need to anchor ourselves in an identity may, in fact, be more important than being happy. This is the source of the question, "Would you rather be right or happy?" Most of us would rather be right, right about our limits, fears, traumas, self-doubts, bad luck, etc. It's a kind of comforting pain to identify with negatives because at least we know who we are.

Ever-changing pieces

Resistance to change, though, is futile. This is a critical period of metamorphosis when we may be reaching the limits of our current economic and political systems. The seven tense squares between radical Uranus and transformative Pluto make it likely that the world will look rather different in 2015 when these transits end than it did when they began in 2012. If we put our heads in the sand, what we see won't be pretty but if we become active agents of change, the future can be beautiful.

Completing the puzzle

Another challenge on a personal level is that when we think about a significant change of behavior, like learning to stand up for ourselves in relationships or sticking to commitments to advance our professional interests, the mountain may seem too high to climb. A person who has silently endured less than ideal treatment from a partner, for example, needs to learn how speak for her or himself, yet fear of rocking the boat may be stronger than the will to alter personal patterns. However, there's no need to begin with the most challenging issues in life when change is called for. Start with something small, safe, and relatively insignificant like returning an unsatisfactory item to a store or being specific about your needs in a restaurant. These are relatively risk-free circumstances that serve as practice and training before addressing more important matters like asking more of your partner.

Every little bit counts

The same holds true for developing discipline, if that's desirable for you. If you want to lose weight, you don't have to eliminate all the carbs, sugar, and fat from your diet. Cut or reduce one thing and stick to it. Persistence and patience are gifts of Saturn that will increase discipline and personal authority. Self-control is developed slowly and with as little pressure as possible. If you don't exercise and want to, a half mile walk is better than nothing or working out once a week is more useful than staying on the couch. You don't need to run a marathon to improve your physical fitness. A gentle and gradual approach to change makes it less threatening; the stakes in the game are lower and the chances of success greater.

Changing minor habits now makes it easier to change major ones later and, as I've often mentioned here, it's your gift to the world to try. If humanity's choices are evolution or extinction, even the small shifts you make in your life add momentum to the collective process of creating the next phase of life on planet Earth.

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