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The Free Love Lifestyle

Partnerships and attraction differ based on your unique Astrology...
Maria DeSimone

I have an unusual love life. Hmmm ... let me rephrase that. The truth is, my love life is so freaking weird that no one close to me understands it.

Except, of course, my significant other. He's the man I lovingly refer to as my "part-time" boyfriend.

Ok, before you judge, perhaps a bit of astrological explanation is in order. I was born with Uranus precisely conjunct the cusp of my 7th House of Marriage and Partnership. This placement is notorious for producing close alliances that are non-traditional. In fact, someone with Uranus in the 7th house -- or in aspect to Venus -- may do best in a relationship that offers extraordinary breathing room. And you can find out the type of person that you'll be harmonious with when you run my very own Big Picture Love Forecast. At any rate, there will be something eccentric about the partner attraction and/or the partnership itself with this aspect. It's also true that when harshly aspected, Uranus contacts to Venus or the 7th house may produce sudden beginnings and endings in relationship. After all, a Uranus-Venus contact isn't called the affair aspect and the divorce aspect for nothing!

Just like clockwork...

True to the Astrology, in 2007 my now ex-husband suddenly demanded a divorce. Then, in 2008 I met a man on a dating website. This meeting was encouraged, believe it or not, by my divorce lawyer's colleague. He was considering investing in an idea that I had to develop and launch my own Internet dating website -- which would match clients based on their astrological compatibility. The potential financier insisted that I should conduct "market research" and join a bunch of dating sites to see what type of business plan I could put together for my idea.

Oh no ... he wanted me to date.

Frankly, I was terrified at the prospect. Yet this big time lawyer was about to set me up with a fancy meeting in Manhattan with a group of prospective investors. This Taurus business lady decided to bite the bullet. I joined the Internet dating world determined to prove that I had a viable business plan. I believed I could successfully meet my match by interviewing prospective suitors based on comparing their Astrology to mine.

Trial by fire

My first Internet dating experience was a horror. The creep assumed another man's identity. Thank heavens I met him at Times Square (about as public of a location as you can get)! When I realized I'd been completely duped I screamed at him to get the heck away from me. Yes ladies, it's true ... you need to be very careful about Internet dating. There are nuts out there!

After that experience I was wary of meeting anyone else. I also realized that my business idea had a very real hole in it. People lie. Bleh. And yet, the next week someone caught my interest, which convinced me to try Internet dating one more time.

My one rule before I agreed to a first date was to obtain the complete birth information of the man to see if there was compatibility. This was part of the research phase. The Times Square psycho lied about his birth data, leading me to believe that we had lovely connections.

Ding ding! Round number 2!

Suitor number 2 gave me his information and laughed when I kept questioning him about his authenticity over the phone. "Are you sure you're REALLY who you say you are?" He insisted he was...

If this was true, then his Ascendant was conjunct my Jupiter and his Mercury was conjunct my Ascendant. His Moon was sextile my Sun and his Venus conjunct my Saturn. In addition, his Jupiter was conjunct my Midheaven while my Moon was conjunct his Midheaven. We also both shared a Taurus Sun.

At the very least, these significant astrological contacts warranted a meeting. You know, for market research! So once again, I agreed to a first date in a very public place -- the annual Jacob Javits Center Art Show in Manhattan.

But this time, I decided to choose the moment we would meet. That's right ... I used electional Astrology for our first date. You know, for insurance.

Living in the moment

For our "first meeting chart", Matteo and I have a Sun-Uranus conjunction in the 8th House of Intimacy, a Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 5th House of Expression, and all this combined with Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and the North Node all in Aquarius in the 7th house.

I KNEW from our upcoming first meeting chart that he -- and our connection -- would be unusual. It fit right in with having Uranus on my 7th house cusp. Matteo, incidentally, also has Uranus in his 7th house.

This relationship promised strong friendship ties (Aquarius planets and Sun conjunct Uranus). It would be erratic and non-traditional yet emotionally intense (Moon conjunct Pluto in the 5th) and stabilizing for me (Moon sextile Saturn).

Some things just stick

Sure enough, he's still in my life five years later. But we are not a normal couple. We respect one another's independence, space and uncommon life choices. Perhaps the strangest part of our relationship is that I only see Matteo every other weekend. It has been this way for the entire time I've known him.

This is mainly because we met while I was going through a divorce that wasn't finalized until 2011. I felt it was not in the best interests of my children's already unstable lives for me to have a man in the picture. My Mars in Cancer square Pluto is fiercely protective of my kids. Interestingly enough, the emotional control and non-negotiable stance I've taken on this reflects in our first meeting chart. That's just Moon-Pluto in the 5th house!

So Matteo has never met my children. The kids didn't even know about him until 2011 (Venus in my 12th House of Privacy). Although strange, seeing each other on a part time (exclusive) basis has somehow worked to our mutual benefit.

Will our relationship ever grow and develop into something normal according to traditional standards? Probably not. But that's ok. Matteo is a soul mate who came into my life for reasons I'm quite aware of. Besides, with Uranus in our 7th House, this strange, groovy kind of love works. At least for now...

Of course there is another possibility. We could both just be crazy; held captive by our nutty idea of free love.

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