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Lunar Eclipse in Aries: Something's Gotta Give

October's "Blood Moon" eclipse brings sudden change
Maria DeSimone

Trigger warning: You may not want to read this blog if you're trying to ignore the reality that EVERYTHING is up for grabs in our lives these days. That ANYTHING can change.

If, however, you've made peace with the current landscape of our lives, then I invite you to consider how the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8, 2014, has emotionally-charged, game-changing potential.

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Let's take a look at the aspects happening at the time of this eclipse. First off, it'll occur at 15 degrees Aries, so you already know that mid-degree Cardinal signs are up for the most volcanic eruptions. Uranus will be extremely close to this eclipse -- at 14 degrees Aries. You need to recognize this means a sudden change is likely. Most likely something you don't see coming.

Don't forget, Mercury is retrograde

Then, there's Pluto. At 11 degrees Capricorn, the eclipse degree will square Pluto, and it may trigger all sorts of Uranus-Pluto square craziness. But knowing that Venus at 11 degrees Libra exactly squares Pluto on eclipse day suggests that power struggles in money/love matters are probable. Venus in Libra can't possibly be sweet as pie when she's squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus -- not to mention the eclipse degree. No, diplomacy will be out the window for us on this day.

But wait, there's more! Mercury Retrograde is in Scorpio, and while Mercury doesn't mathematically plug into the eclipse chart itself by major aspect, we can't ignore the fact that Mercury IS retrograde. Enough said.

So, is there hope?

Fortunately, yes -- and here's why. The ruler of this eclipse is Mars, because the eclipse falls in Aries, and Aries is the sign ruled by Mars. Mars will be in Sagittarius at 17 degrees, in an almost perfect trine to Jupiter in Leo, and in a close-enough trine to the eclipsed Aries Moon and Uranus. In Astrology, you always want to pay attention to the condition of the planetary ruler of any eclipse for important clues about its ultimate outcome.

In this case, while we are certainly having a tensely aspected eclipse, it appears that whatever changes or endings occur in our lives, we will surely land on our feet ultimately. How can we not when you consider energetic Mars in bouncy Sagittarius making that amazing trine to positive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus?

Still, this doesn't mean we'll get a free pass from what the eclipse's Cardinal T-square suggests. Venus square Pluto, square Uranus and the eclipsed Moon does suggest a hefty dose of potential upheaval or pain.

Women, watch out!

I think this Eclipse might be more difficult for women, or it may cause problems with women due to the stress of Venus-Pluto and Moon-Venus on this day. You might hear emotionally charged news from a woman in your life -- anyone from Mom, to a sister, wife, daughter or friend. There might be a stressful problem happening with a female around you and if so, do your best to lend support.

Also, remember that what is classically attached to the Lunar Eclipse is the energy of culmination, awareness and/or endings. If anything does end for you during a Lunar Eclipse, old Astrology lore dictates it will be a permanent ending. So be prepared to surrender to that reality if it does happen in your world.

Let it go...

As always, not every eclipse is life-changing or dramatic. It all depends on the math and how a certain eclipse connects to your personal birth chart. In general, people with personal planets or angles within a five-degree orb in either direction of 15 degrees Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will have the most unsettling time with this eclipse.

Something's gotta give. My advice? Let it go. Surrender to the emotional reality you're in these days. And know that in the end, you'll be alright.

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