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Making Contact

Share your humanity with a soulful look
Jeff Jawer

Communicative Mercury entered emotional Cancer on May 29 to turn our minds inward. The need to understand ourselves and to transform feelings into thoughts is necessary before we can effectively speak about them with others. This process of reflection and review becomes even more significant as the messenger planet approaches its thrice-annual retrograde period that starts on June 7. This reversal cycle, lasting until July 1, is always about reflection and review, providing three weeks for rethinking critical issues while requiring greater clarity in communication and in managing details.

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This particular Mercury retrograde is especially helpful for becoming more aware of how we connect with others because this speedy little planet backs into its airy home sign Gemini on June 17. Revisiting the chattiest part of the zodiac until July 12 offers many opportunities to recognize heretofore unconscious patterns of expression and avoidance that play major roles in personal and professional relationships. Normally, mentally charged Mercury is rooted in words. We share ideas, facts, opinions, speculation, jokes, insults, complaints and appreciation in verbal or written form. Yet with during this reversal period we may become aware that we're missing something in our messages; that while making contact with our minds we fail to connect with our hearts.

The importance of eye contact

Talking is used to both show and hide who we really are. But simply looking into someone's eyes is an excellent way to meet on a deeper level. This doesn't require a lengthy round of staring with your lover but can make magic happen in a matter of seconds. A brief moment of eye contact with a salesperson or a stranger can be enough to change a superficial contact into a meaningful one. There is something both powerful and vulnerable about meeting people in this way. No goal or great effort is required as the point is neither to please nor to control anyone. It's a simple means of connecting, from one person to another. There's no demand, no expectation, just a simple energetic hookup that reminds us that we are parts of one human family. In doing so we honor the humanity in all of us.

I understand that making eye contact is difficult for some people, as if doing so allows them to be invaded by others. This may come from a fear of being judged or not wanting to impose yourself by entering someone else's personal space. But guess what, it's all personal; all of life is experienced personally and even the biggest, baddest boss or bully is vulnerable underneath their aura of authority. Sharing your humanity with a soulful look or a subtly lingering look helps us to overcome isolation. And, perhaps, it will open new lines of communication that enable us to discover what we cannot find alone. This Mercury Retrograde needn't be known for mistakes and misunderstandings but can be a time when we deepen connections without words to remind us that we are one.

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