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Mars' Power Is Especially Strong Today!

Mars' Power Is Especially Strong Today!

Now is the time to take action as Mars enters Cancer
Jessica Abel

Action planet Mars moves into Cancer today, so get ready for an enormous energy shift of body and mind! When Mars makes a move like this, your powers of strength, courage and passion are stronger than ever!

The best way to use this super-powered energy is to find out where Mars is in your birth chart, and then use its urgency to take control of any part of your life. Mars in Cancer is your wake-up call to focus and fight for what you need, so get going because...

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The Mars Power report is a personalized Astrology report that specifically studies the placement of Mars, the warrior planet, in your chart. It identifies exactly how you can build your strength, self-confidence and independence. Most importantly, this report tells you how to tap into your unique Mars power to regain control of your life.

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