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Mastery Not Misery

Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio
Jeff Jawer

Astrologers have been eyeballing the conjunction between Mars and Saturn coming up this Monday August 25, 2014 with some trepidation. This alignment of traditional Astrology's two most difficult planets is being interpreted as a source of additional pressure and pain in what are already complicated times. We survived July, which was marked by the frictional quincunx between strict Saturn and rebellious Uranus that makes many of us feel like we're on the front lines in Gaza or Ukraine. And as that ripple in the fabric of reality is smoothing out, we're still in the midst of the volatile Uranus-Pluto square that began in 2012 and still has another year to go.

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So, there are plenty of astrological excuses for fear and failure, but how does living with those feelings contribute to anyone's wellbeing? Instead of reading the writing on the wall as a recipe for disaster, it can also be interpreted as a formula for success. We start with the fundamental issue of any significant connection between aggressive Mars and resistant Saturn. The former wants to go and the latter tends to hold its ground, which could spell delays, onerous obligations and frustration. Happily, the meaning of the cosmos is richer than our fears and there is a much happier version of the story to tell.


The gift of Mars conjunct Saturn is that we can get a grip, find a handle to hold onto, and begin a process of self-mastery that transforms powerlessness into potency. This conjunction happens in the fixed Water sign Scorpio where profound change occurs. But it requires pressure to evoke action and patience to carry it to a desirable conclusion. Throw in a dash of desire and this event becomes a school where developing abilities and laying the groundwork for a significant project begin. In typical Scorpio fashion there may be some cleaning up of extraneous activities is required first so that we can concentrate on cashing in on this skillful planetary pair.

If you are encountering fear or dealing with self-doubt, this transit provides the medicine of focused action and a clear sense of purpose, even in the face of danger. What better place to get a grip than in mid-Scorpio and who better to grip reality than muscular Mars and stringent Saturn? Patience and perspective are keys to tapping into the formative power of this alignment. Slowly establishing habits that grow your abilities and recognizing that major problems can be resolved with small steps helps. Sticking to a program of diet and exercise, for example, does not directly address work-related problems, but builds strength and self-confidence that can be applied in any field of endeavor.

While Mars and Saturn were considered astrology's harshest medicine, it's their very power to initiate projects and stick to them that makes this such a useful transit. Trust your ability to learn new skills, to raise the level of your game, and most of all, trust yourself with the power of newfound competence and a complete commitment to enhance your life.

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