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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Seeing in the Dark

Dig deep to find new understanding and insight during this cycle...
Maria DeSimone

Allow me to explain...

The principle of communication and thought is governed by Mercury. When direct, these matters are strong and free to express themselves. When retrograde however, Mercury must slow down and internalize thoughts and ideas more before expressing them – or else risk jumbling his words up in a frustrating mess. But for clear answers, don't forget to turn to the cards and try our Yes or No Tarot reading.

In Scorpio we have an interesting complexity. Scorpio favors depths and reaches into the pit of what makes you (and I) most uncomfortable, forcing us to look at it ... and heal from it. But now Mercury (communication) will be retrograde in Scorpio (intensity and the dark side). This presents an unusual opportunity in my opinion. Now, we must all slow down and review whatever it is that we keep a secret. What are we hiding from our own consciousness? What are we afraid to admit to ourselves? This Mercury retrograde phase promises to ferret it out of us and deliver a chance to reconcile with darkness in our lives that we either truly don't see or have tried desperately to sweep under the rug.

Time to clean up

Scorpio loves exposing our dirty messes. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will force you to think about it ... to see it. To have a conversation with your darkness.

This is quite a karmic retrograde. Saturn is in Scorpio and Mercury will pass over the degree of Saturn on October 29 allowing us to make a revision in our minds as to how we want to handle this "dark matter." If you make the right decision for your personal growth then guess what? There is a new beginning in store. On November 3 -- while Mercury is still retrograde -- we'll have a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. In addition, at the time of the eclipse Mercury Retrograde will be conjunct the North Node -- a point in Astrology that speaks of life direction and where you are meant to lean towards in order to get there. Karmically, the universe is screaming at us to open wide and swallow the nasty medicine that will give us a new perspective. The nasty medicine is the uglier part of your life ... the part that you might take great pains to hide from others. From yourself. Once you call yourself out on it something powerful will happen. You will be unrestricted from the grip that this darkness holds over you in your life. You'll really feel this freedom after Mercury turns direct on November 10. Trust me.

If the Astrology coming up with Mercury Retrograde connected to Saturn, the North Node and a potent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio doesn't tell you there is an opportunity to begin anew and see the light once you take a life review of your darkness then I don't know what will.

Taking a stand

Imagine yourself a child, trying to go to sleep. It's dark and you are alone ... afraid. Is the boogeyman with you? Is there a monster in your closet? You tremble in your bed with your eyes shut tight, clutching your blanket over your head. You are sweating, panicked. You can't escape this fear.

Then, in an act of bravado you pull the blanket away from your eyes and open them wide, staring fiercely into the darkness (Mercury retrograde in Scorpio!). Everything is quiet. And then slowly, you look around. You realize something. The darkness isn't such a bad place after all. It provides a discreet yet penetrating glimpse into your soul.

Besides, it's the only way you'll ever see the light of day.

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