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Mercury retrograde on valentines day
Mercury retrograde on valentines day

Mercury Retrograde on Valentine's Day

Love gone wrong...

By Jeff Kishner

Healthy relationships depend on open communication. Unfortunately, on this Valentine's Day the communication planet is intent on throwing a few screws into your plans. Mercury, from our perspective on Earth, moves backwards in the sky about three times a year, 22 days at a time. When Mercury goes retrograde, signals get crossed, mail gets lost, and delays and mix-ups are the order of the day. This year, Mercury turned its heels on Feb. 6 ... and won't right itself until Feb. 28.

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Sure, your computer might malfunction or your bus might be late. But on Valentine's Day, what counts is how love can go wrong. Here are just some of the things that can happen when Mercury tramples on your relationship:

• Your ex calls, and your current partner answers the phone.
• You send a sexy IM to your boss instead of your date.
• That Valentine's Day card you sent to your long-distance "friend" comes back with "Returned to Sender" stamped on it.
• You accidentally make public your private online photos of you and your loved one … you know, those pictures.
• You forget to sign out of your email, and your partner reads that flirty email correspondence between you and your co-worker.

Mercury brings back past communications. When it's retrograde, you're supposed to wrap up unfinished business. Unfortunately, Valentine's Day is not the best time for old relationships to pop up out of nowhere.

The solution? If you haven't been completely honest about your past at this point, the most romantic of days is probably not the best time to come clean. Take some necessary precautions. When you leave the computer, double-check to make sure you signed off. Think twice before you hit "send" on that email. And know that Mercury, the trickster, will surely have something up his sleeve that you haven't anticipated.

And on that special night, it can't hurt to talk about all the good things that have built up to this moment. When the bad stuff rears its head, you'll at least have had a wonderful evening to buffer the blows.

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