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rick levine and jeff jawer

August Days: The Bold and the Beautiful

Watch Master Astrologers Rick and Jeff on the Astrology of August 2014 Staff

Yay, it's party time! As we enter August 2014 with the Sun in fiery Leo, there's an element of playfulness and child-likeness in the air. The Sun rules the heart, and everything is out in the open now.

Even better? Lucky planet Jupiter is also in Leo, which only happens once every 12 years! Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer says we can use this potent combination to get brilliant results this month.

"When we are dynamic and creating and loving and expressing and taking risks in living our lives," he said, "then I think we really tap into this expansive power of both the Sun and Jupiter in Leo."

However, it's important to know that Mars and Saturn are in serious Scorpio this month, too, which creates a strong counter-current to the buoyant Leo energy. This could cause some creative conflict, so you'll really need to focus on the details if you want to realize your grand Leo plans.

Fortunately, Mars and Saturn will also make positive aspects to help us out!

"Each of those planets will form harmonious trines with wild, crazy and ingenious Uranus in Aries," said Master Astrologer Rick Levine. "This allows the energy to flow in ways that we do not expect. If we don't get in the way of ourselves, this can bring some very, very powerful, new and exciting results."

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