The Importance of Dreams & Imagination

The Importance of Dreaming

Fantasies help build our reality while Neptune is in Pisces
Jeff Jawer

When the walls of reality are closing in, it's time to look beyond them. Some religions teach that we are living in an illusion, that the material world that seems to fill our universe is a distortion of or a distraction from spiritual truths that lie outside its borders.

Neptune is transiting through its home sign of Pisces now, and will continue to do so until January 26, 2026 (with a brief foray into Aries during 2025).

This is a very long transit that invites us to pass through the barriers of materialistic Saturn to tap into dreams, imagination, and intuition that can stretch the fields of possibility.

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Illusion vs. truth

Plato described perception as looking at shadows on a wall rather than seeing the fullness of real life. It's clear that human senses are incomplete instruments; we can't see x-rays or ultra-violet light. We can't hear sounds above certain frequencies, and our ability to recognize scent is a fraction of what dogs can smell.

The brilliant astrologer Rob Hand once wrote, "Neptune is often described as illusion, while Saturn is said to represent truth. The relation is actually the reverse: Saturn is the illusion that there is a reality that is truth; Neptune is the truth that there isn't."

At times like these it's appropriate to pierce the veil of ordinary perception to seek answers and information on other levels. Imaginative and spiritual Neptune can provide access to these places.

Daydreaming as a way of life

Fantasy seems even further from reality than dreams, but it can still be a source of inspiration. Allowing our hearts and minds to wander off the beaten path of realism might seem like a waste of time, but Neptune in Pisces reminds us that there is gold to be found in foggy places.

An unrealizable fantasy can be distilled into a dream and then become a plan that changes lives. We need to be allowed to go fishing in imagination to find ideas that help to heal ourselves and the planet.

We live in a culture where hard work is lauded as the quality that produces success. And while this is a desirable trait, dreaming is another way to cast our nets upon the waters to receive valuable information.

Neptune in Pisces is a time when these daydream moments of mental wandering can lead us exactly where we want to go, or at least provide a rough outline that we can then fill in with commitment to turn it into reality.

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