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New Balance

New Balance

Jeff Jawer

Every New Moon is a chance to start all over again. While it doesn't wash away the past, these monthly conjunctions of the Sun and Moon begin 28-day cycles that can be used to initiate desirable habits and patterns. You can learn about the Moon's influence in your own chart with a Personal Moon Report, but in the meantime this New Moon in Libra affects all of us.

On Monday, October 15, the New Moon is in gracious Libra, the sign of the scales, providing opportunities to reduce conflict with others and within ourselves. Recognizing that love and hate, generosity and greed and political left and right are two sides of a coin can help us overcome the polarization that seems to be tearing society apart.

Perhaps it's our collective attention deficit disorder that has made it difficult to discover the wide range of grays between any pair of blacks and whites. In the United States political discourse has devolved to snappy sound bites that invite anger and repel dialogue. Some argue that this polarization is a result of our two party system or a Darwinian worldview that separates us into camps of winners and losers. Yet those who appear to come out on top in the economic dogfight often lose a piece of their humanity in their acquisition of power and material goods.

New Moon celebration

I must admit, though, that the role of predator and prey is common in nature. One creature eats another in order to survive. Yet don't we humans see ourselves at the top of the food chain and somehow more intelligent and evolved than our animal cousins? I went to a temple in Bali today to celebrate the New Moon. After a very brief ceremony officiated by our bus driver (how's that for crossing the line between the profane and the divine) he spoke to us about some of the beliefs of this primarily Hindu island nation. One of their rituals is to file down the canines and the four teeth between them. This symbolizes their separation from animalistic instincts and aspiration toward more human and humane behavior.

The Libran influence

Libra, the relationship sign, is associated with Venus. She is the planet of love, beauty and harmony, which provides useful ideas for tapping into the gifts of this gracious sign. Love is about acceptance, both of ourselves and others. External conflicts with family, friends, colleagues and strangers are unlikely to be resolved until we make peace with ourselves. War among nations, religions and corporations is a reflection of the battles inside each of us. Instead of judging faults and condemning ourselves for undesirable habits, love them. If you invite them into your heart with generosity, their darkness will be dissolved by the light.

Creating and appreciating beauty in all its forms are ways to help us find peace. Certainly, it can be hard to recognize external harmony when we are experiencing stressful times. Yet it is when we are in pain that a moment invested in recognizing where life is attractive and graceful can bring us comfort. This balanced condition is not static because we are always moving through various internal states and the world around us is changing, as well. The goal, then, is not to find a fixed position and to hold on to it, but to use this Libra New Moon as a reminder that we have the ability to shift our attention as needed to find our way back to peace and harmony.

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