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The Eye of the Tiger

October's New Moon in Libra gets jolted by Uranus and Pluto
Jeff Jawer

On Friday, Oct. 4, the Sun and the Moon join together in the sociable sign of Libra. Normally, this accommodating sign is committed to peace, harmony and putting others at ease. But this month's Libra New Moon falls into a tense alignment with the world-shaking Uranus-Pluto squares that began in 2012 and end in 2015.

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I've mentioned this series of exact squares between Uranus and Pluto many times before, and I will continue to write about them as planets connect with this transformational pattern. Look, I like my comfort as much as anyone else (and maybe more -- I'm a Taurus), but the cosmic reality is that humanity appears to be in the midst of radical changes that will alter the course of our collective future.

And remember, when I see complex transits to an individual's natal chart, I sometimes say, "Get the planets or the planets will get you." What I mean is that when we actively participate in waves of change the ride is much more enjoyable than when we resist them.

Overcoming outdated habits

The Uranus-Pluto squares indicate that if we apply innovative ideas and we are able to purge outmoded habits like dependency on fossil fuels, continuing ancient religious rivalries, and producing more waste than we can clean up, we can change the world for the better. But when heads are buried in sand or swamped by propagandist misinformation, less desirable outcomes become more likely.

This week's Libra New Moon is opposed by explosive Uranus and squared by provocative Pluto, which signals shakeups in relationships. The sweet connections Libra loves are difficult to sustain under these tumultuous circumstances.

An unhealthy example of this lack of cooperation and understanding is represented by the extremely partisan politics that shut down the U.S. government this week. Yet we are also seeing glimmers of hope for Libran diplomacy in U.S.-Iran and India-Pakistan relationships. During volatile periods such as this one we often experience both the positive and negative expressions of the planetary patterns.

We each have the power to change our lives

You and I aren't national leaders (unless you're reading this Frau Merkel or President Putin) so we cannot directly affect national policies. However, we each have power to change our lives that sets effective waves of change into motion that can eventually help to reshape the world.

The task that lies before us is to shift our relationship with relationships. While we all need security, Uranus and Pluto's presence at this New Moon indicate that deepening and discovery are as important as safety now. I don't think that we must immediately jump into action to shake up connections with loved ones, colleagues and strangers. But allowing ourselves to imagine alternatives to how we connect will reveal new and different ways to be with one another.

The bottom line in relationships, though, is found in the relationships we have with ourselves. What are the balances in your life between safety and security, work and pleasure, comfort and curiosity? Where are the places that you've chosen one side and have closed our minds to the other?

When we give ourselves the freedom to range from deep desire to abject uncertainty and to explore unfamiliar territory we open to a new world of possibilities and help all of humanity carve a fresh path to the future.

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