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New Year's Pixie Dust

New Year's Pixie Dust

Maria DeSimone

The ever-popular New Year resolution: I usually don't make any because the very word "resolute" happens to be a quality that fits right in with my habitual fixed-sign nature. I don't need a special occasion to be doggedly determined. Nah, my Taurus Sun has that covered. But every once in a while I feel like joining the party, so I try to think of an original, personal goal to aspire to or a habit I'd like to change.

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One year I made a resolution to floss my teeth more regularly (thanks to the incessant nagging of my sister -- a dental hygienist. I succeeded! Another year, I made a resolution to curb my potty mouth. Bet you didn't know I could curse like a truck driver, did you? Yeah, the shadow of Mars in the third house square Pluto. Well, I wouldn't call that one a total success … but don't worry, you'll never hear me say a four-letter word when you watch your video horoscope. I usually only go rogue when I'm really ticked off.

How to really resolve to lose weight

I laugh at people who make "losing weight" their New Year Resolution. Sorry, I know half of you reading this just blushed or silently cursed me out. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I haven't been there. In fact, I'm kind of there right now. But I refuse to ever make that a resolution. Way too predictable.

And don't even get me started on the failure rate for that one! So many people join my local gym right at the start of every year. I'm a regular there, so I get quite irritated when, for those first three weeks of every New Year, I can't even find a parking spot. Thankfully, it's a resolution that has a short shelf life for most and I'm back to quick and easy parking and gut-wrenching, sweaty workouts in no time.

By the way, if you really want to lose weight and succeed, the time to make this resolution is when you have a New Moon in the sign Virgo, in your 6th House of Health, or a New Moon in a positive aspect to the ruler of your 6th House. Use your Astrology, friends!

But I digress ...

Pixie dust on New Year's Eve

This New Year I'm contemplating a resolution for one simple reason. At 1:50 am EST on New Year's Day we'll enjoy an exact sextile between Mercury and Neptune. When the planet of communication is doing a happy dance with the planet of faith and idealism, well, there's every potential for you to realize whatever wish, affirmation or resolution you happen to make!

This aspect will feel like the universe is sprinkling glittery confetti all over your words and thoughts on New Year's Eve. How's that for a magical way to declare your personal resolution? In addition, Mercury will be in pragmatic Capricorn, helping to bring intellectual structure behind any of your Neptune in Pisces fantasies.

So go ahead, this New Year's Eve, dream a little dream. Make that impossible, pie in the sky resolution. I know I will. And no, I'm not telling you what mine is. I'd prefer a shroud of Neptunian enigma around it if you don't mind. All you need to know is that I'll make sure to properly floss my teeth, and I promise not to curse anyone out. Unless, of course, you're the *@#% who takes my parking spot at the gym.

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