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Old Habits Dying Hard

Old Habits Dying Hard

Ch-ch-changes are happening during the month of May
Maria DeSimone

Are you feeling drained these days? Yeah well, you're not alone. I feel ya...

I'm extremely restless at times because I taste the imminent change in my world. It has a strangely exciting and even dangerous tang ... kind of like metal on your tongue. But if I'm being honest, for most of May I've felt exhausted. I don't want to face the fall out that may accompany such change.

I know, I know. Join the club.

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May is quite an unusual month astrologically when you consider that, sandwiched in between two eclipses -- May 9 and May 25 -- there's the third of seven exact squares from Uranus to Pluto happening on May 20.

Total eclipse of the heart

Eclipse season alone can be unsettling. This time, we've had three eclipses which extends the unstable energy for us. The eclipses on the Scorpio/Taurus axis -- April 25 and then May 9 -- were really about letting go of our deeply entrenched habits that are based on what we think fulfills our physical security needs. It was about letting go and surrendering to what requires elimination ... but we wrestled with this one. The May 9 Taurus Solar Eclipse suggested that we had a shot at something new, if we would only throw out that raggedy old security blanket first.

But that was the problem. Taurus likes security blankets.

Thankfully, Scorpio makes us realize that what Taurus thinks is security is only holding us back from deeper soul growth. Scorpio pointed out every last hole in Taurus' security blanket. Then, adding insult to injury, he ripped them open even wider.

Believe or not, it gets more complicated with the May 25 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The Astrology around this one is downright bewildering. Decisions are confusing and difficult. Yet we remain hopeful about turning the page in our lives because after all, Sagittarius holds fast to faith.

Lurking in the shadow of this Eclipse Season however, is the real astrological riptide ... Uranus square Pluto. The fact that we receive an exact square on May 20 suggests that there's no way we can escape the inevitable change the universe wants us to experience. Uranus to Pluto reminds us that breaking up patterns that are "old and better off dead" really need to happen. And it must happen now.

Ugh. Martini anyone?

It's not just you

The bottom line is you're going through it, I'm going through it ... and the rest of the world is going through it. The ick factor you may feel will be directly related to any innate resistance to change you might have. And let's face it ... those fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius don't like change very much. So if you have a strong fixed signature in your chart, the month of May is likely to feel a bit more uncomfortable.

To be honest, I kind of like May's Astrology. Remember being a kid and going to the doctor for a needle or procedure? Ever have a doctor or nurse tell you something wasn't going to hurt only to be writhing in pain seconds later? Don't worry, May isn't like that. May's Astrology is telling you point blank that the more you resist the change you need to make, the more it will hurt.

So do yourself a favor. Lean in.

In May old habits must die. It's up to you whether or not they'll die hard.

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