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The Veil to the Otherworld Lifts…

Reveal the mysteries of this life and beyond!
Jessica Abel

You may feel your unexplained fears, strange dreams, and moments of deja vu becoming stronger as All Hallows' Eve grows near. Whether you realize it or not, the past is haunting you ... but this is nothing to be afraid of because right now you have a powerful opportunity to explain these mysteries.

It's no coincidence that Halloween happens while the Sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, gatekeeper to the underworld, and this is the time of year when the thin veil obscuring the otherworld lifts and opens a door to spiritual dimensions. Knowing what happened in your past lifetimes is the key to reaching your full potential in the present, so step through this doorway in time and awaken your soul's memories...

Edgar Cayce Past Life Report

Based on the studies of Edgar Cayce, one of the world's foremost psychics in the early 20th century, our exclusive Edgar Cayce Past Life Report uses your unique birth chart to reveal the energies, lessons, and personalities of your previous lives that are still influencing you today. By learning from the past you can reach your full potential in the present.

Let your spirit soar! Use the energy and inspiration of Halloween to connect with your eternal soul's memories. An Edgar Cayce Past Life Report shows you how!