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Reality Bites

Manage your expectations as Saturn aspects Neptune
Maria DeSimone

For years I've been lamenting that the one thing my town is missing is a top-notch burger joint. We've got plenty of restaurants, a couple of diners, and yes, those run-of-the-mill fast food places. But when I crave a good burger and it's not BBQ season I'm left extremely unsatisfied. Go ahead and laugh, but these things are important to a Taurus!

In any event, a couple of months ago I noticed construction for a brand-new shopping complex in my area. The main building made of gorgeous, solid brick, recently erected a sign: Trueburger. Woohoo -- my dream come true! It looks like a high-quality restaurant specializing in burgers will finally arrive in Queens, NY!

It just so happens that this building is one that I pass every day when I drive my daughter to school. So now every morning I longingly gaze at the brick building and my taste buds begin to tingle. I squeal to Annamaria: "I can't wait for this place to open, I'm so excited!"

My daughter doesn't share my exuberant Sagittarius-Moon-conjunct-Neptune philosophy. I've already decided that this is going to be the BEST burger place in all of Queens and they haven't even opened their doors. Annamaria, however, doesn't share my optimism about burgers or anything else. She feels that in life you're much better off setting the bar low so that if anything turns out wonderful, you can be pleasantly surprised. That, in her view, is much better than expecting something wonderful, only to be disappointed. She has the Moon in Gemini but conjunct Saturn which definitely sobers up her emotional response. Saturn in Gemini is also opposite Mars in Sagittarius in her chart. Every time she wants to take action in a free-spirited way or dare to believe, Saturn puts the kibosh on it.

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Optimism vs. pessimism

We talked extensively about this "glass half full vs. half empty" idea. Optimist or pessimist ... where do you stand? This, of course, got me thinking of Saturn in the sky right now. The planet of restriction and limitation (but also maturity) is currently moving through buoyant Sagittarius. He will remain there until December 2017. Perhaps Saturn in Sagittarius will temper the overzealous optimism some of us have imprinted in our character. Truthfully, I'm not so sure it's about being an optimist OR a pessimist over the next few years. What if we're all supposed to learn how to be realists? After all, if there's one planet we can count on to keep it real, it's Saturn.

My brother shares my daughter's philosophy. His mantra in fact is: "If you don't expect anything in life then you can never be disappointed." Basilio was born with a tight square between communication planet Mercury and Saturn. Talk about sober thoughts! And yet, the Astrology that we're all going to experience collectively over the next year or so is overwhelmingly about his very mantra. Gone are the days of the Uranus-Pluto chaos (as far as the exact mathematical hits go). When we look to outer planet connections over the next year, all attention is on the fact that Saturn in Sagittarius will square off with Neptune in Pisces three times between November 2015 and September 2016. The exact dates in fact are: November 26, 2015 (Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.), June 17, 2016 and September 10, 2016. What does this mean, exactly?

Dissolving beliefs

Essentially, the beliefs we have held on to for so long might begin to evaporate into nebulous ethers. What you lose during this transit (Neptune dissolves what it touches) has everything to do with what you thought for sure was solid (Saturn). I have to say that every time I meditate on what this upcoming transit means for you, me, and the rest of the world, I think of my brother's philosophy. Going into this transit, if we learn how to manage our expectations, then we're far less likely to be disappointed if dreams, goals, faith -- or even a burger -- goes awry.

Ultimately, people like me -- the idealists of the world -- will likely learn to anchor ourselves more into reality. In contrast, people like my daughter and brother -- the pessimists -- just might learn that it's worth believing in something. I guess we all just need to find what's real for us and then figure out how keep it real. Even when reality bites.

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