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Featured Astrology Reports

Featured Astrology Reports

Let the cosmos guide you with your choice of Astrology reports Staff

Astrology shapes our lives every day! Whether you're wondering about your future, your love life or your career, our expert Astrologers track the movement of the planets to give you key dates, answers and the advice you seek. Get your choice of expert Astrology reports now.

Free Cosmic Profile
Free Cosmic Profile

Go beyond your Sun sign! Get your Sun, Moon, Rising, Chinese, Tarot card, Life Path Number and more. Get your Free Cosmic Profile now »

Essential Birth Chart reportEssential Birth Chart report

This birth report works well as an intro to Astrology or as a milestone for the more experienced explorer of the stars.Get your Essential Birth Chart Report now »

Rick & Jeff's 30-Day Astrology ForecastRick & Jeff's 30-Day Astrology Forecast

This reading offers advice and mentally prepares for the day and includes your Personalized Daily Intention! Get Rick & Jeff's 30-Day Astrology Forecast now »

AstroSync CompatibilityAstroSync™ Snapshot

A "traffic light" system tells you the best time to give someone a call, ask them out or even pop an important question!Start your AstroSync™ Snapshot now »

Romantic Compatibillity ReportRomantic Compatibility Report

This report can help any couple understand the deeper aspects of their relationship by analyzing their two birth charts. Start your Romantic Compatibility Report now »