Saturn Retrograde in 2013

Firm up your foundation instead of starting something new

Saturn Retrograde in 2013

Saturn, the planet of discipline, limitation, structure and responsibility, turns retrograde every year for about five months. In 2013, the retrograde period will begin on February 18 and will last until July 8. During this time, everything that supports the foundation of your world will be up for review. Sound ominous? Well, don't panic. Saturn is retrograde for a long time every single year. Unlike the personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) the retrograde of outer planets usually don't have a dramatic effect on our day to day life. Still, the symbolism and significance behind Saturn Retrograde is useful to understand since it will be a time to reevaluate personal boundaries, obligations and goals.

Typically, Saturn Retrograde is not the ideal time to begin new commitments, particularly ones that will affect your status and reputation. It is, however, the perfect time to reassess your existing obligations. Are you rising to the occasion or have you taken on more than you can handle? Since Saturn Retrograde will slow the pace down, you'll begin to notice whether or not you're making the grade on current projects. You'll have an opportunity to improve your strategy and organization on a project that's meaningful to you. Alternatively, you may take stock in a venture you're involved in and realize that it's no longer something you want to remain committed to ... and that's ok! But whatever you're wondering about, a Life Purpose Astrology report that focuses on Saturn's location in your chart may be just the thing to clue you in. As long as you're honest about whether or not this endeavor has become a source of pain or obstruction and then act accordingly, you're using Saturn Retrograde exactly as you should.

Put the business on ice

Since Saturn has a natural correlation to one's professional status, it is imperative that Saturn is strong and direct when starting any new business venture. You will also want a strong Saturn when you begin anything you hope will elevate your reputation and level of authority. If you start a new business, or major enterprise that will affect your status, there's likely to be a series of problems attached to it. Success will not be denied while Saturn is retrograde. However it will be quite frustrating to achieve. Whatever you begin will likely require extensive reorganization or a complete restructuring. The foundation of anything is not as solid when started under Saturn's Retrograde -- especially when it comes to business.

This doesn't mean you can't achieve any measure of success during the five month stretch of Saturn napping. In fact, as long as you stick to working on existing projects, they can become extremely polished and as a result, you'll achieve the recognition you deserve. Still, it'll be a good idea to refrain from launching any brand spanking new business pursuit now.

Calendar dates to circle

During this particular Saturn Retrograde cycle in the sign of Scorpio, there will be an emphasis on revising the structures you have built around your financial and intimate life. Do you have a deep seated fear of success or failure? Now is the time to identify any unhealthy pattern connected to achievement that might sabotage you. There will be a few helpful aspects and some extra challenging ones to cross over the next several months. Here's a rundown on what is most important for you to navigate:

March 6 and March 28 are days when exceptional gains are possible if you review your existing commitments and reorganize accordingly. On these dates, Mercury will connect perfectly to Saturn allowing you to make a decision about a project and stick to it. On March 6 Mercury will be retrograde and it signals a definite pull to a past obligation or project that may now yield fruit. On March 28 you might put the plan from March 6 into motion.

On April 22 Venus in Taurus will oppose Saturn in Scorpio and this will be an opportunity to reconsider financial and romantic commitments. Are you taking more than you give or do you feel you give until it hurts when it comes to a relationship? Now is the time to honestly examine how the answer to this question makes you feel.

On April 28 the Sun in Taurus will oppose Saturn followed on April 30 by Mars opposing Saturn. With these aspects you may need to relocate your inner authority. If you feel as if a higher up is stepping on your toes or squelching your personal development, it’s time to work through it. That might mean cutting ties from someone who is only holding you back.

Mercury in Taurus will oppose Saturn on May 5 and it’ll be time to defend a decision to an authority figure in your life. Although you may feel insecure, stand your ground and trust that you're fully capable of making the right choice. Make a commitment to only surround yourself with people who value your mind.

On June 7 Venus in Cancer will trine Saturn and what you've decided to see through during this Saturn retrograde phase will now begin to show its rewards. A romantic relationship might become more stable -- especially if you've worked on building a solid future together.

When the Sun in Cancer and Saturn link up in a friendly way on June 26, your inner and outer authority will blend perfectly. What you see is what you get and everyone around you will respect what they see.

Finally, on July 1 Venus in Leo will square Saturn. A commitment or financial decision might reach a breaking point. A relationship you hold on to merely out of obligation might leave such a bad taste in your mouth. If the love and fun are gone, you know it's time to move on.

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