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Sex, Love and Intuitive Wisdom…

Practical tools for improving your love life Staff

A Blog by Karinna Karsten, Speaker at Intuition 2.0

I have been speaking and writing about Sacred Love and Sacred Sex for almost 20 years -- an intimate bond that both encompasses achieving a healthy relationship and transcends it. Meeting a soul mate and relating to one another as empowered equals, in and out of the bedroom, signifies this type of union.

Intuition, our innate wisdom, is an essential tool for developing a high quality relationship with a soul mate. When we are clear minded and attuned with it, our intuition can offer incredible support (like a best friend or mentor) and precision to make better choices in and around love and sex. The most intuitive lovers are those that are clear of the psychic clutter that comes from unhealed relational wounds, preconceived judgments and expectations about a beloved and the given relationship situation.