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The Astrology of St. Patrick's Day 2013

The Astrology of St. Patrick's Day

There's an upside and a downside to this year's celebrations...
Maria DeSimone

This year you might have slightly less clarity than usual about where to find your pot of gold on St. Paddy's Day. Don't worry, those leprechauns won't fail you -- there is definitely luck in store. Admittedly, it's also true that this year we may need to double check our internal GPS while we're looking for that rainbow to climb.

Direct and to the pint

So what's the good news on St. Patrick's Day? Mercury, the planet of communication, will turn direct after having been retrograde since February 23. Over the next several days, all of the muddle in your mind will disappear! This phenomenon, however, doesn't exactly mean that we'll enjoy constructive conversations while we celebrate the feast of St. Patrick. In fact, because Mercury is stationing direct on this day, it's more likely that everyone will take pause and feel stuck in one last excruciating burst of Neptunian mental fog. Yeah ... ick.

At the same time, since Mercury turns direct in dreamy Pisces -- closely connected to Neptune -- and will square the Moon and Jupiter in Gemini, you might find that you're dreaming big ... REAL BIG. And the faith you'll have in your visions will soar to new heights.

Try to keep your footing

We all enjoy the fairy tale fantasies of leprechauns bringing us our lucky charms with a plate of shamrocks on the side, but this St. Patrick's Day, there's an interesting twist. On one hand, you'll have no shortage of imagination! It will be, without a doubt, one of the best times to work on a creative project that requires plenty of time to dream about your idea. This will be an ideal day to carve out a few hours to be alone, work on this endeavor in solitude and let your creativity flow like an endless river.

The one caveat with this much wistful, inspired energy is that we won't exactly have two feet planted on the ground. Because of our marked tendency for impractical idealism on this day, you might buy into someone's promises that will only lead to disappointment. You'll want to avoid any key decision that has to do with the material world on this day. No business deals, no major purchases and no life-altering changes, because there is the strong potential that you're fooling yourself into believing something is true. On this day, sure things turn into smoke and mirrors.

St. Patience's Day

You may also feel a building sense of urgency about moving forward in a certain direction thanks to a conjunction between Mars and Uranus in Aries. These two planets together in Aries really want to get things going! This link won't be exact until Friday, but since it's warming up and will connect on St. Paddy's Day to the clever Gemini Moon, it's possible that you'll feel tired of waiting to get your ideas launched and jump the gun. One word of advice: don't.

Even if you feel a boost in confidence and trust that you're backed up by those blissful little green men, today's energy is simply not strong enough to make any final decision stick ... so wait it out.

However, the beautiful thing about this St. Patrick's Day is that as you march along in your neighborhood parade, spread the luck of the Irish and hand out yummy treats, you'll know deep inside that the wish you make on that four leaf clover today will definitely come true. Eventually.

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