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analyzing the venus and neptune squares

Stretching Ourselves

With planning, you can turn your dreams into reality...
Jeff Jawer

We may find ourselves floating above the ground in the latter part of this week thanks to two spacey and expansive planetary patterns on Thursday Oct. 10 and Saturday Oct. 12. Both invite us to look beyond the limits of current reality where we can find inspiration. This pair of transits, though, is also associated with illusions that can lead us down a garden path that ends in a stony field where hope cannot take root. As with every planetary pattern, there are opportunities and risks. And now you can analyze your potential risks for the month ahead with our 30-Day Forecast. But what are these events, you may ask?

These events are two challenging squares between Venus and Neptune and the Sun and Jupiter. The first is a romantic's ideal as the planet of love is dissolved in a dreamy bath of imagination. Hearts can melt as social rules fall away in the fog of fantasy. This is an excellent aspect for inspiring lovers, poets and artists of all kinds. Venus' aesthetic limits drift away on Neptunian clouds that make previously unattractive people seem more desirable. While it warms the heart to have these erotic boundaries erased, Thursday's hunger for amour can blur judgment in relationships. We tend to see people as we'd like to see them, setting aside objective criteria and critical thinking. Those seeking pleasure at any cost can find it, although the price to be paid can be disillusionment when this transit passes and reality returns.

Keep those purse strings tight

Venus is also related to values, which can lose connection to logic thanks to Neptune's unearthly influence. Spending money carelessly is a possible risk that should be avoided by delaying significant purchases. The stressful square between these planets is perfect for having otherworldly experiences but is a negative when it comes to practical matters. If you fall in love with an object or activity that will bust your budget, don't write a check or take out your credit card until reason returns in a few days.

Take a realistic approach

The Sun and Jupiter are the largest bodies in the solar system, so Saturday's tense aspect between these giants could shake our planet. There isn't much that we can do to prevent earthquakes yet a little caution will help us to avoid getting lost in inflationary ideas. The willful, self-important Sun square boundless Jupiter can expand egos, raising expectations and making promises that may be hard to keep. This is another pattern that encourages us to leave behind the limits of common sense to pursue ideas and ambitions that may be impossible to reach. Yet stretching ourselves to see potential beyond present circumstances will provide motivation to aim higher. Whether it's professional or personal ambition, this is a time to expect more from life.

In these complicated and often difficult times standing still is not the best option. Many of us seek shelter in the past, attempting to return to previous states of comfort that are, alas, behind us now. Yet with a dash of romance and inspiration we can see the shape of a better tomorrow that bold ideas and careful planning could turn into reality.

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